Hi! My name is Rajat Agrawal. I am pursuing Masters of Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. I did Bachelors of Technology in Information and Communication Technology at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Gujarat, India.

My interests are Human Computer Interaction, Game development and Programming, Computer Graphics, Software Development and Artificial Intelligence.

Below are some of the snapshots of my projects.



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MILLEE/SMART is a research project in the Human Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. It focusses on improving language literacy among children.

My mentor in this project was Anuj Kumar.

I worked on incorporating adaptive scaffolding in the games that I developed in the project. 

I developed 2 games as a part of the project, each having 6 versions and speech recognition . These games are being used by small rural children at an NGO, Byyraju Foundation, Hyderabad, India to learn English using cellphones. 

Some snapshots of the games are : 



Recycling Game

Recycling Game is 3D computer game developed using Panda 3D game engine to emphasize the importance of recycling to the players. 

It is a strategy game in which a player builds a city that is environment friendly and produces the least amount of waste. Players need to recycle the waste
 produced by the citizens in the city. They realize the importance of recycling in our lives in this way.

Some features of the game are :

  • Realistic logic model for the game
  • Artificial Intelligence implemented for citizens in the city.
  • Panoramic Camera Work

I was mentored by Professor Nitin Raje, DAIICT in this project.

Some of the snapshots of the games are:

Computer Shutdown Tool

I developed a computer software to shutdown all the computers in a lab at once. The software is called Computer Shutdown Tool (CST). Developed this software as a part of the Software Engineering Course in my undergraduate education. The motivation behind the software is to reduce the wastage of electricity due to the computers that are left turned on after the lab sessions get over in the university. Developed this software to deployment stage for the lab building.
   I was mentored by  Professor Asim Banerjee and Professor Rahul Dubey in this project.

Here are some snapshots of the software, 

Level of Detail for 3D Graphics
 It is a research internship under the mentorship of Professor Nitin Raje, DAIICT. 

My responsibilties included, 
  • Study different Level of Detail Algortihms for 3D Computer Graphics
  • Implement an algorithm to perform LOD operations on an external polygon data file.

I successfully prototyped an application implementing a LOD algorithm.

Some snapshots of the application are : 


Football Simulator

Football Simulator is an application meant for manager of a football team to form strategies for his team before a match. Using this application, the manager 
can simulate the complete moves of the players and discuss them with the team. The application gives an opportunity to the manager to modify the moves 
and re-simulate the moves at run-time.

This application has been made with a motivation to replace the concept of drawing boards to facilitate more interactive discussion among the manager and the players.

The application was made using OpenGL and Python. Used picking and selection techniques to enable mouse interactivity to pick players and ball in the application.

I was mentored by Professor Nitin Raje, DA-IICT in this project.

Some snapshots of the Football Simulator are :

Computer Contract Bridge

Computer Contract Bridge is a software to play the classic game of Duplicate Bridge on a Computer. It is a multiplayer game. This software is developed with a
 motivation to replace the existing physical cards and flappers in the game. Introduction of a computer application will eliminate the need to replace torn cards
 and damaged flappers. The cards usually become unusable after every game and the flappers are prone to damage. 

Lead a team of 3 people to formulate the software engineering process and the design process for the software. Did user study and created a software design for 
creating the software design of the software module.

I was mentored by Professor Asim Banerjee in this project.

My team members include : 

  • Viranch
  • Sahdev
  • Yash 

Voice Interpreter For Old Aged

Voice Interpreter for Old Aged is an embedded system meant for Old people with speaking difficulty to share their thoughts to another person. The old people often 
suffer from infirmity due to which they are not able to speak properly. This system recognizes the partial sounds made by the people and outputs a translation of 
these sounds through a speaker. 

This project was done in the course 'Embedded Systems Programming'.

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