Praise Ye the Lord

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Holy Synod of A.G.O.C.A.C

   Headquarter Office of the A.G.O.C.A.C. Holy Synod 
   His Eminence Archbishop Petros and Primate 
   President of the Holy Synod
   Bachelor of Medicine
   Languages: English and Greek

      His Grace Bishop Emmanuel 
      Exarchate representative in Montreal,Quebec Canada
      Languages: English and Portuguese

His Grace Bishop Ioannis  
Metropolitan of Santa Katerina 
Exarch of South America
Languages : English and Portuguese

    His Grace Metropolitan Meletios of Ahaia and Pelloponisos all. 
    Ecclesiastical College of Kavala 
    Language : Greek

   His Grace Bishop Ioannis
   Secretary of the Holy Synod
   Language : Greek