A Growable Network Information System (AGNIS) is intended to facilitate domestic and international data sharing in hematopoietic cell transplantation. 

AGNIS supports several roles associated with populating and disseminating its data stores. These roles include the “submit” role, “publish” role, and the “retrieve” role. The different roles reflect different data paths through the AGNIS system, and allow fine-grained control over permissions (for example, a center may be allowed to submit but not publish).

The goal of AGNIS is to facilitate clinical studies through an exchange of data that will allow investigators:
1) to understand trends in HCT, including evolving indications, approaches and outcomes and variations by country, region and healthcare system;
2) to do collaborative observational and interventional research;
3) to reduce the burden of data submission to CIBMTR; and
4) to curate all data elements so that the data exchanged is defined in a standard manner through common data elements (CDE).

AGNIS offers participating programs (this could be a transplant centers or other registries) a way to electronically exchange data with CIBMTR while avoiding the pitfalls of entering data into multiple systems. AGNIS is fully compliant with the FDA’s title 21 code of federal regulations (21 CFR part 11) covering electronic records and dealing with medical records