Our Lady of Lourdes College

        The Our Lady of Lourdes College is a privately owned and managed educational institution. As originally conceived by Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Demetillo it continues to be service oriented in fulfilling its mission to serve the growing population of Valenzuela City and the neighboring communities. The short but distinguished history underscores the determination of the College to be socially relevant in providing the increasing number of underserved clienteles a holistic education they deserve.


The greatest creations, begin from small seed

      The small seeds of education that was planted two decades ago has sprouted to become a learning institution with far reaching influence.

      The Our Lady of Lourdes College was modestly conceived by its founder Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Demetillo   originally to serve the educational needs of the youth of the Karuhatan neighborhood. Today, this vision has extended far beyond the narrow confines of the neighboring communities of Valenzuela City.

      Its humble origin typifies the humility of its founder which continues to be the guiding spirit and trademark of the institution’s growth and development.

      The college site is located at Gen. T. de Leon, Valenzuela City., standing on a two (2) hectare land The Pre-school was officially established in 1986 bearing the name Cherub Learning Center with modest enrollment of 17 kindergarten students. The grade school opened in 1987 with 222 students from nursery to grade three. It is significant to note that the founder considered it important to change the name Cherub learning Center to Our Lady of Lourdes College. In 1989 the school was granted a permit to operate a full grade school. At the end of that year 20 graders became the first graduates.

      Four years later, 88 students marched up a makeshift stage to receive their High School diplomas from Mr. Alfredo Demetillo.  They are distinguished as batch ’88.  In just a few years this learning institution has grown far beyond what was originally envisioned as the grade school has grown to a phenomenal 1, 147 enrollees while the high school had an enrollment of 1, 129.

      Armed with sheer courage but with an unfailing faith in the divine providence of the FATHER and in Our Lady of Lourdes Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Demetillo formally opened the College department in 1994. Like the basic education department, the College also had a humble beginning. There were no dignitaries invited, no ribbon-cutting rites and no ground breaking ceremonies to bury a time capsule.

      Twenty nine (29) pioneering students enrolled during thefirst semester of June 1994. Even when the first year subjects were offered in common, the most number in a class was nine (9). Classes were conducted in the Grade School classrooms Where the size of the armchairs made the college students looked like overgrown children.

      With the establishment of the Admission and Aid Office supported by an aggressive recruitment campaign, led by the Vice President for Planning and Development – Mr. Enrico Demetillo the enrollment steadily grew.

      Buoyed, by the growing population, Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Demetillo decided to construct the administration building along the Gen. T. de Leon St. This major construction houses several classrooms, an auditorium, a spacious library, a complete laboratory, an HE room, a college office and several administrative offices that includes the president’s office, principal’s offices and a registrar-accounting office.

      The college administration was organized under the leadership of Mr. Alfredo Demetillo as president of the Board of Trustees. He is ably assisted by the Directress (Mrs. Adelia C. Demetillo) , and Four Vice Presidents; they are VP for Academic Affairs, VP for Finance, VP for Planning and Development and VP for External Affairs.

      Various student services units that serve the needs of the students were systematized. They include the Medical and Dental Clinic, Guidance Services, Library, Science Laboratory, HELE Practice House, Workshop, Bus Service and Canteen. The school is accessible to all types of transportation.


      The growth of OLLC is accelerative in both the human and material resources providing the academic community with an environment conducive to learning. The short but colorful and dynamic history of the Our Lady of Lourdes College signifies a commitment to a continuing development in the pursuit of quality education that its clientele deserve.

Our Mission and Vision


         We, OUR LADY OF LOURDES COLLEGE community envision a challenging future With ample and rich opportunities where diverse human and technological competencies, skills, and values equip us to become globally competitive. 

We fervently stand for


         As achievers and sharers of the gifts, talents and endowments we have been blessed with, we are called to search for a social transformation that will help uplift the less fortunate, underprivileged and marginalized.

         We will perseveringly intensify our  effort towards professional and personal development  thereby making our service reflective of our resolve to pursue excellence in the  genre of education we profess to deliver which  foster the fear of God and promotive of justice, honesty, self-reliance and global competitiveness.

         As OLLCians we will be guided by the vision and charisma of our founder. We humbly hope to achieve our mission by becoming living signs of what we profess to be.

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Our Goals and Objectives

To accomplish what we say we hope to achieve, we will be persevering in our commitment to transform OLLCians who are:

Well integrated Individuals:

  • Respectful of the rights and dignity of others and sensitive to their need.
  • Responsible and aware of their social obligations to promote peace and harmony in all phases of life.
  • Rooted in honesty: fostered by self-worth/esteem, self-reliance and personal discipline,
  • Morally upright, whose actions are guided by faith in God  the Father.
  • Proud of their cultural heritage.

Effective Communicators:

  • Able to listen, read, speak and write for a range of purposes
  • Able to discuss clearly and logically issues, information and subjectsand experiences
  • Creative and critical thinkers able to try out innovative and original ideas.
  • Competent to critically evaluate ideas information and opinions.

Responsible Citizens:

  • Patriotic with a true sense of nationalism and a genuine love for what is Filipino.
  • Committed to contribute to the welfare of the common good through active participation in meaningful outreach activities.
  • Productively supportive in the  upliftment of their families and the economic development of the nation.

Technologically literate:

  • Globally competitive and competent in the use of emerging technologies.
  • Committed to the promotion of a healthy and ecologically friendly environment.
  • Able to manipulate data effectively for computation, analysis and problem solving.

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Educational Philosophy

OLLC believes that:

» Life is a gift that must be nourished, valued and lives in gratitude. Man is a rational being who is the master of his/her destiny. Every individual is unique, with potentials that endow him/her the capacity to learn, reason and understand. “Learning to learn” is a lifelong responsibility. (Nature of the learner)

» Man’s dignity is expressed through responsible freedom for which he/she is necessarily accountable. As a member of domestic and international communities he/she is obliged to promote quality of life of others through sharing and services. (Man’s dignity – Freedom with responsibility)

» TRUTH empowers educational institution, it promotes the transformation of righteous civic-minded citizen with a deep sense of nationalism aware that the achievement of the socio-cultural, political, economic development goals, need his/her active participation and creative productive contribution. (school as an educational institution)

» The preservation of the earth’s ecological balance should be strongly supported. Earth’s limited resources must be equitable distributed.

» As an elementary-secondary-tertiary institution (elementary prepares him/her for secondary education, as secondary school continue to enhance what was learned and prepare him/her for college;) OLLC is bound to help her/him grow to become a mature individual ready to face the challenges of life in the community where he/she finds himself/herself. (Academic preparation as preparation for life)

» OLLC is non-profit, service oriented institution, owned and managed by its founder – Mr. & Mrs. Alfredo Demetillo. It is their vision to commit themselves towards helping others by sharing the gifts and blessings they have abundantly recieved from the loving Father of the OLLC family.