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The Buttonwood Tree in Middletown: North End Arts Rising!!
Some of my Favorite Radio Stations can be found here, on WNPR at CPBN:
WPKT  90.5 FM, WNPR 89.1, WSHU  89.9 or 91.1 FM
WCNI 90.9 FM site:
WESU 88.1 FM site:
Favorite Show on Radio, WHERE WE LIVE:
My next-favorite Radio Show, FRESH AIR:
Most Humorous News & Entertainment Show on TV (with Jon Stewart!):
My Filmmaker friend Ben Feuer's sites (and sounds!):
REAL ART WAYS: an Alternative Arts Community organization in Hartford that's really cool:
Greatest Music Store in the World?
Greatest Ukulele online store in the World:
Great Photography (by John Stack of Chester):
Great Travel Blog site by writer/photographer Caryn Davis: 
Great Art That's Going Global (by local artists!): 
Joan Levy Hepburn - Art at Murray Pond
Leif Nilsson - Spring Street Studio
Neat new place to eat by Cedar Lake in Chester:  Squiggy's Lakeside!
Our cool local Sunday AM Farmer's Market (May - Oct):