Our Home

We are finally finished building our first home. Now we are in the process of decorating.

The outside

Our home sits on 1.25 acres of land with a lot of trees, a creek in the back and a pond on the side.




The inside

Entry way




Living Room

This room is a work in progress. I still need some finishing touches.

To Do:

New furniture

New entertainment center




I cannot decide if I want to add decor to the top of my cabinets. What do you think?


I don't know about hardware. The cabinets were made where you do not need hardware. I think it would look more finished.


Dining Room



Laundry Room


Master Bedroom

I plan on:

Getting a super tall headboard.

An armoire for our TV.

Do something with that massive dog crate. Any ideas?

Get a reading chair to put under the mirror.


Master bath

I haven't done much with the bathroom. I plan on painting and then decorating it.



More recent pics coming soon.


Guest Bath

I love the look of a lamp in the bathroom.


It's a mess. It's always work in progress.


Guest Bedroom (my nieces room)



Craft/Workout Room (Future kids room)

Is not to be seen. It seems to be a junk room until the kids come.