What we do

Traffic Engineering and Management


  • Highway junction option testing and feasibility;
  • Outline design, option development and design feasibility for passenger and freight transport facilities and infrastructure;      
  • Public and Stakeholder consultation.


Development Planning


  • Input to Masterplans, Vision Documents, Strategic Regeneration Frameworks and Implementation Plans and Planning Policy;       
  • Negotiation of Planning Applications and appeals on behalf of applicants and local authorities;
  • Expert Witness at Public Inquiry;
  • Transport Assessments;        
  • Audits of Transport Assessments;
  • Transport Statements;       
  • Travel Plans development, implementation and monitoring;      
  • Public and Stakeholder consultation.


Passenger Transport Service Planning


  • Development and specification of bus networks;
  • Development of Quality Bus Partnerships;
  • Accessibility planning;
  • Smarter Choices;
  • Bus Service planning;
  • Bus service tendering and tender evaluation for subsidised bus services;
  • Providing advice and guidance on bus services as part of wider development proposals and associated Section 106 Planning Agreements.
  • Community transport operations;
  • Advocacy service for bus operators;        
  • Liaison with taxi owners and taxi associations;
  • Rail development and feasibility studies including economic evaluations and design of passenger facilities and infrastructure; 
  • Community rail support.  


Transport Modelling and Economic Assessment


  • Transport survey analysis, Model development, Forecasting, and Economic assessments;
  • Use of modelling software CUBE, SATURN, S-Paramics;
  • Traffic forecasting with: National Transport Model (NTM), TEMPRO, National Road Traffic Forecasts (NRTF);      
  • Economic assessment with TUBA, COBA and QUADRO;       
  • Expert Witness at Public Inquiry.
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