We are older Americans committed to solutions
to the challenges of aging with student debt. 

We may have student loans for our own education,
our children's education or have helped others

attend college by co-signing for student loans. 

We share the common experience of trusting in a system that, by design, has failed us. This failure
has resulted in ever-growing student loan balances
and not enough time to repay. 

We understand student loan debt as a multi-generational problem.  
It must be addressed by and for students of all ages. 

This site is intended to provide information to those who want or need
a better understanding
of the student loan debt crisis: what it is, how we find ourselves here and how we can change it.  Please share it with others.

It is also where you can take immediate action on critical issues regarding student loan debt and connect with others in the national community of student loan reform.


Our Goal

Our focus is change--to bring reform to the predatory student lending system and provide relief for overburdened borrowers by: 
  • Providing factual information to increase awareness of how the student loan lending system operates and its impact on borrowers
  • Collaboration with other groups and organizations representing all ages
  • Campaigning for fair and just legislation
  • Supporting those in office, and seeking office, who recognize the problems and have the courage to change them

The Challenges of Aging with Student Debt

By virtue of our age we have already faced many of the same struggles associated with youth, struggles our younger student counterparts now face as they launch into their post-college lives.  Our financial challenges may include; divorce, bankruptcy, providing for our children, single parenting, caring for aging parents, health issues, etc.…

Again because of our age, there have been more years for our student loan interest to be capitalized; resulting in an inflated debt that is both unreasonable and unmanageable.  For many, these amounts are now double, triple or quadruple the original loan amount.

At an age when we should be paying off our homes, preparing for retirement and helping our children through college we are instead burdened with the knowledge that if things do not change now, we will likely live out our “golden years” impoverished.   Even if we have paid on these loans for decades, the practice of capitalizing interest has caused them to grow in such a way that it is impossible to pay them off.   Our Social Security Retirement benefits will be garnished and we will take this debt with us to our graves.

This is also the fate that our recent and future graduates will face if we don't do change it now.

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