Task Force Names / Slogan Ideas


  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Keeping Yourself Erect
  • Keep it Up!
  • Living Your Life; Lesson your Lows
  • Bounce Back
  • Oops, I've fallen and I CAN get up
  • Come out of the closet with falls
  • It's Okay to Fall, It's not okay to fall and get hurt!
  • Taking Action
  • Taking a Stand: I am Outstanding
  • Fall Well and Bounce Back
  • Walking Upright
  • Falls do not equal aging
  • falls do not equal failure

Task Force Team Names

  • Taking a Stand
  • Taking a Stand for Fall Injury Prevention
  • Falls Free
  • Stand Tall Free from Falls
  • Heads Up! Feet Down.
  • Heads Up!