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Living Healthy: Chronic Disease Self Management Program


Living Healthy is also known as the Chronic Disease Self Management Program and was developed through Stanford University, Patient Education.  The Land-of-Sky Regional Council is collaborating with partners such as the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services and NC Dept. of Public Health, Health Departments, Hospitals and municipalities to offer Living Healthy in North Carolina.

  • Living Healthy Participants and Leaders speak about their experience

    Living Healthy is a fun, interactive workshop designed to help you:
    • Manage pain, fatigue depression and frustration
    • Get a good night sleep
    • Prevent Falls
    • Improve and maintain health with exercise
    • Use medications wisely
    • Communicate effectively with family, friends and professionals
    • Eat for health
    • Set goals that are doable
    • Solve everyday problems
    • Evaluate treatments
    • Relax and manage stress
    • Work in partnership with your healthcare team
Type of Program
 Dates / Time    Additional Information
Tomando Control de Su Salud leader training (CDSMP for Spanish Speakers, leader training)
YWCA of Asheville, 185 South French Broad, Asheville    
Thursday and Fridays, May 15, 16, 22 and 23, 9am - 5pm each day.The fee for this training = a commitment to offer at least one Tomando class in the next 12 months. 
Registration: Katie Roberts at 828-771-5444 or Elena Ruiz at 828-242-0535
Living Healthy with a Chronic Condition
HCPRD Athletics and Activity Center, 308 South Grove Street, Hendersonville
Tuesdays, May 20 – June 24th, 5:00 – 7:30pmSuggested Consumer Contribution: $30 for 6-week series*

Registration: Rebecca Chaplin at 828-251-7438
Living Healthy with a Chronic Condition
YWCA of Asheville, 185 South French Broad Avenue, Asheville    
Mondays, April 21st - June 2nd (no class Memorial day, 5/26), 10:00 - 12:30 pmSuggested Consumer Contribution: $30 for 6-week series*

Registration: Rebecca Chaplin at 828-251-7438
 Living Healthy with a Chronic Condition
CarePartners Classroom C, meet in the Home Health/Bereavement lobby
Wednesdays, May 28th - July 2nd, 1:00 - 3:30pmSuggested Consumer Contribution: $30 for 6-week series*

Registration: Rebecca Chaplin at 828-251-7438
* No one will be turned away due to inability to offer a financial contribution


"The CDSM Program known as Living Healthy is a fantastic 6 week course that has helped my patients with diabetes and other chronic illnesses improve their ability to make positive changes, such as eating better, exercising more often, and managing stress. I highly recommend this program for anyone who is living with health problems and wants to try a more proactive approach to better health."

Suzanne Landis  MD, MPH, Director, Division of Healthcare Innovation Director, Center for Healthy Aging MAHEC

"The main thing that helped was it made me realize by changing some of my life styles and taking responsibility for my health I could feel better, sleep better and improve my over all attitude about my stage in life at age 75. In December of 2012 I started attending fitness classes 3X per week, walking at least an hour everyday as well as eating healthier meals.  The results have been well worth the effort.  I've lost 25 pounds, balance has improved, walking endurance has increased and my over all feeling of well being has "done a 180".

“…this course has been very beneficial to me because it has motivated me to act on things I had thought of doing, such as exercise of which I am capable, losing weight and completing forms provided for advanced directives and medications…”

"I have to say that the living healthy class has benefited myself and family more than I could have ever imagined... I have lost weight and have increased physical activity... resulting in reduction of diabetic medications - I will be utilizing these same tools to assist my brother in the long recover that faces him..."  Living Healthy leader


“While much of the program may have been a reminder or refresher, group dynamics is helpful always.  Have the program and the management techniques being integrated into my life again allowed me to go through an extremely difficult situation…I am very grateful that this has been made available to me and would recommend it to anyone who has a chronic condition of any kind…”


“I am proud to say that I now walk about 1 mile each day, in about 25 minutes, and have only been stopped by bad weather one time thus far.  I find that I am pushing myself to complete it each day.  I have met a couple of new neighbors in the process…my diabetes sugar control has improved greatly…”

"I desperately wish to become ambulatory again and able to live independently.  I find that I am progressing amazingly with the help of your course.  I am now exercising and moving about the community using only my cane... Thank you for providing me with the course and the leaders to help along the way!"

"This workshop has taught me techniques for managing my high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes.  I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone suffering from depression, chronic lung disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or arthritis"

"[this course] inspired me to practically realize my wish to regain my mobility.  I get steadier everyday... The combination of the thorough and helpful book and your helping us has been a greater incentive for me than I can express to you."


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