Aging, Old Age, Memory, Aesthetics

University of Toronto, March 25-27th, 2011

An extensive Post-Conference Overview is available here.  

A selection of expanded papers is available here or by clicking on the links beside selected papers below.


8.00- 8.45am    Registration (light refreshments provided)

8.45-9.00           Welcome

9.00-10.00     Opening Plenary Address:
(English & Director of the Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington)

10.00-10.15     Break (light refreshments provided)

10.15-11.30     Panel 1: Aging and Creativity
Chair: W. Andrew Achenbaum (History and Social Work, University of Houston)

Andrew DuBois (English, University of Toronto): Acceding to Mortality: On Marianne Moore’s “What Are Years?”
Britt C.L. Rothauser (Medieval Studies, University of Connecticut): Age and Disability in Cædmon’s Hymn

11.30-11.45     Break

11.45-1.00pm     Panel 2: The Poetics of Late Style
Chair: Linda Hutcheon (English and Comparative Literature, University of Toronto)

Germaine Warkentin (English, University of Toronto): The Journey to Arquà: Petrarch’s Last Songs
Suzanne Bailey (English, Trent University): P.K. Page and Spatialized Time: The “Here/There” of Aging
Russell Brown (English, University of Toronto): "Postmodern Man on His Last Legs": A Narrative of Kroetsch’s Narratives

1.00-1.45 Lunch (on your own)

1.45-3.00 Panel 3: Performing Older Age
Chair: Marlene Goldman (English, University of Toronto)

Sabine Kampmann  (Art History, Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz, Max-Planck-Institut): John Coplans’ Investigations on his Ageing Body
Lora Senechal Carney (Visual and Performing Arts (art history), UTSC): Donigan Cumming, Nettie Harris, and the Performance of Old Age
Bente Vinge Pedersen (Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen): Old Age Isn’t What It Used to Be

3.00-3.15 Break (light refreshments provided)

3.15-5.00    Afternoon Keynotes:
Prof. Ian Lancashire, “Writing Alzheimer’s Disease” 
(English, University of Toronto)
(English and Comparative Literature / Medicine, University of Toronto)
Chair: Marlene Goldman (English, University of Toronto)

5.00-6.00pm        Opening Reception 
Jackman Humanities Building Lobby (170 St George Street)


9.00-10.15am Panel 4: Aging and Irony
Chair: Deborah van den Hoonaard (Gerontology, St Thomas University)

Duncan McFarlane (English, University of Ottawa): Swift’s Struldbruggs and the Satire of Senescence
Cynthia Skenazi  (French and Italian, University of California, Santa Barbara): Montaigne and the Irony of Aging
Bill Randall (Gerontology & Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Narrative, St Thomas University): Aging, Irony, and Wisdom: The Narrative Complexity of Later Life

10.15-10.30     Break (light refreshments provided)

10.30-11.45     Panel 5: Aged By Culture
Chair: Amanda Wicks (English, Louisiana State University)

Wendy Mitchinson (History, University of Waterloo): Aging Bodies: Ideals and Realities as Depicted in Eaton’s Catalogues, 1920-1976
Nancy McVittie (Screen Arts & Cultures, University of Michigan): From Capraesque to Capra-Corn: Changing Representations of Elders During the Early Years of Social Security
Linda Caissie & Deborah van den Hoonaard (Gerontology, St Thomas University): The Discourse of Zoomer Magazine: Anti-aging or Empowering?

11.45-12.30pm Lunch (on your own)

12.30-1.30 Saturday Keynote Address: 
(Sociology, Trent University)
Chair: Linda Hutcheon (English and Comparative Literature (Emeritus), University of Toronto)

1.30-1.35     Quick Stretch!

1.35-2.50     Panel 6: Trauma and Displacement
Chair: Angelo Muredda (English, University of Toronto)

Jennifer Cador (History in Art, University of Victoria): A Complicated Discourse: Wealth and Poverty in Vicki Marshall’s “Retired”
Jodie Salter (English, University of Guelph): Aging and Genre: Representational Shifts in Canadian Literature
Joanna Dawson (Centre for Studies in Religion & Society, University of Victoria): Diaspora and Its Metaphors: Amnesia and Dementia in David Chariandy’s Soucouyant

2.50-3.00     Break (light refreshments provided)

3.00-4.40     Panel 7: Memory, Dementia, Care
Chair: Dr. Michael Hutcheon (Medicine, University of Toronto)
Respondent: Dr. Michael Gordon (Medical Program Director of Palliative Care, Baycrest Geriatric Health Care System)

Kisha G. Tracy (English, Fitchburg State University): Aging, Memory, and Medieval Confession
Hannah Zeilig (Institute of Gerontology, King’s College, University of London): Gaps and Spaces: Representations of Memory Loss and Dementia in Contemporary British Poetry
Gary Kenyon (Gerontology, St Thomas University): Inner Aging and the Journey to Life: The Case for Growth through Diminishment

4.40-4.45 Quick Stretch!

4.45-6.00pm     Panel 8: Space and Home
Chair: Stephen Katz (Sociology, Trent University)

Annmarie Adams (Architecture, McGill University) & Sally Chivers (Canadian Studies & English, Trent University): An Architecture of Dependence: Spaces for Longterm Care in 20th-Century Canada
Suzanne England  (Silver School of Social Work, New York University): Paid Care in Domestic and Micro-Political Space: Aging, Dependency and Memory in Driving Miss Daisy
Ulla Kriebernegg  & Roberta Maierhofer (American Studies, University of Graz): Coming of Age in Europe: The European Network in Aging Studies (ENAS)


9.30-10.45am Panel 9: Aging and the Body
Chair: Jodie Salter (English, University of Guelph)

Katja Goebs (Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations, University of Toronto): Multivalency in Ancient Egyptian Representations of Old Age

10.45-11.00 Break 

11.00-12.15pm Panel 10: Disciplining Decline
Chair: Wendy Mitchinson (History, University of Waterloo)

Roberta Maierhofer (University of Graz, Austria): Aging and Memory as Continuity and Change: Narrated Aesthetics of Growing Old
Sharon-dale Stone (Sociology, Lakehead University): Age-Related Disability: Believing Is Seeing Is Experiencing

12.15-1.15 Lunch (on your own)

1.15-2.15       Sunday Keynote Address: 
Prof. Philip Sohm, “Old Painters Repeating Themselves: Life Review, Embodied Memory, Cognitive Decline or Self-Preservation?”
(Art, University of Toronto)
Chair: Prof. Elizabeth Legge (Art, University of Toronto)

2.15-2.30 Break

2.30-3.45 Panel 11: Speculative Aging
Chair: Daniel Scott Tysdal (Creative Writing, UTSC)

Amanda Wicks (English, Louisiana State University): Aging, Destructive Spectatorship and Memory in Fiskadoro

3.45-4.00pm Closing Remarks