Research methods - research

Animal models
Cell level computer modelling
In vitro analysis
Next-generation genomics and data integration
Next-generation sequencing
Research methods
Contempory human genetic strategies in aging research
2010. review
Mitachondrial function: Yeast study, Longevity factors and mechanisms: Yeast study, Research methods: Animal models
Yeast as a model to study mitochondrial mechanisms in ageing
M.H. Barros et al. 2010. review
Genetic studies methods
2006. review
Next-generation genomics and data integration
Next-generation genomics - an integrative approach. Hawkins et al. 2010. review
Cell level computer modelling
Rule-Based Cell Systems Model of Aging using Feedback Loop Motifs Mediated by Stress Responses, Kriete et al. 2010, 
Differential coexpression of genes
In vitro analysis
2009. review
Next-generation sequencing, Bioinformatics tools
Next-generation sequencing in aging research: Emerging applications, problems, pitfalls and possible solutions. J.P. de Magalhães et al. 2009. review
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