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Alzheimer's disease
Caloric restriction
Intermittent fasting
Multiple sclerosis
Nrf2-induced antioxidant protection
Targetting mitochondria
Oxidative stress, neuroprotective strategies/therapies: Alzheimer's disease
Neuroprotective strategies involving ROS in Alzheimer disease
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Oxidative stress, neuroprotective strategies/therapies: Targetting mitochondria
Mitochondria: A therapeutic target in neurodegeneration
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Oxidative stress and neurodegeneration: Nrf2-induced antioxidant protection
Nrf2-induced antioxidant protection: A promising target to counteract ROS-mediated damage in neurodegenerative disease?
2008. review 
Oxidative stress and neurodegeneration: Multiple sclerosis
Therapeutic potential and biological role of endogenous antioxidant enzymes in multiple sclerosis pathology
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Neurodegeneration, Caloric restriction, Intermittent fasting, Cellular mechanisms of aging, Oxidative stress
Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting: Two potential diets for successful brain aging
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