Our Purpose 

The Aging Christian Community Caregiving Institute supports churches in their efforts to re-engage the senior members in the 21st Century.  It seeks to break down walls created by influences of technology, media, and culture in an age so dedicated to segregating and stereotyping individuals based on differences in age.  The Institute instead provides tools and resources that show churches how they can use the influences of technology, media, and culture to their advantage stimulating inter-generational engagement.   

About this Site
The Faith and Successful Aging Institute website is in the development stage.  The site will provide reviews of existing tools and resources and updates on developments within the institute.  Use the links on the navigation pane on the left to explore the offerings of the site.  

Meet the Founder

Michael W. Parker (Ph.D./DSW, LCSW, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army Retired [AMEDD]) is associate professor in the School of Social Work and a board member for the Center for Mental Health and Aging at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.  He's also an adjunct associate professor in UAB's Divison of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine.  Mike Parker has extensive experience in both geriatric research and practice.  His experience with the aging population can only be surpassed by his love for seniors and his passion for helping people learn how to age successfully within their environment.   

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