Practical information and costs


DATES: starting with dinner together on Sunday September 29 at 19:30 and finishing after lunch on October 5,  Saturday afternoon.   PLEASE BOOK YOUR FLIGHTS ACCORDINGLY!


TUITION   €575,€675 (sliding scale according to income)

This includes:

- support in arranging your chosen accommodations nearby (see below)

-  a syllabus on Sacred Ageing which includes themes we will be working with as well as some exercises to continue working with at home.

-  daily morning qigong practices based on Oriental medicine principles for enhancing vitality and flexibility in body, mind and spirit

Please note:  There will be a qigong DVD available for purchase which Saki recorded at a yoga centre on southern Crete where she taught regularly for many years.

Sufi meditation and spiritual practices

-  daily group sessions exploring themes specific to ageing and eldering:  this may include group sharing, individual contemplation and journaling exercises which you can later continue at home

-  evening zhikr sessions (maybe one or two evenings off for you to go out exploring the neighboring area of Crete with others)

-  an individual sitting with Saki for personal practices for those who wish.

Also included in the tuition costs are:

-  vegetarian dinner prepared by Camping Mithimna for our group on Sunday, September 29, 2019

-  a delicious daily full lunch  prepared by Camping Mithimna for our group (Monday through Saturday) after the morning sessions (around 13:00).  Most  people in our last groups have found that this meal was so fulfilling  that they did not need an evening meal!  Both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes  are available.  

-  help with arranging housing options and suggested travel to Camp Mithimna from the closest airport (Chania); info on car rentals 

- suggestions for further sightseeing on your own:  the Samaria Gorge (a must do!), Elafonisi, Balos Beach, Knossos Palace and much more....all can be arranged via our contact at the retreat site - including pick up and return.


Your accommodations 

There are different housing options that are not included in the tuition (see below camping tents, huts, studios and apartments)

Why?   Some people like to be in a wooden hut or tent; others prefer a small studio apartment; some like to share a larger apartment; some like to be on their own.  Some people prefer more privacy and comfort than others.    So we try to make different options available for participants.

Also not included in the basic tuition:

-  breakfast (although it is possible to have breakfast before qigong prepared by the camping for about 6 euros per breakfast; you could also prepare this yourself either in the camping area or in your studio/apartment.

-  dinner - except for the first Sunday when we all meet together at the Camping Mithimna restaurant (you can either prepare your own meals in your apartment or camping site, or be adventuresome and check out local restaurants within walking distance.  Of course, you could also have your evening meal at the camping restaurant.  

-  Your airfare to Crete (the earlier you book the better for good deals!)  The nearest airport (and most relaxed) is Chania . But it is also possible to fly to Heraklion and take a bus from there to Kissamos although it is a longer journey.   Kissamos is located 40 km west of Chania in the beautiful gulf of Kissamos and connected by a good road. There are plenty of public bus connections.

-  Airport pickup (Chania) based on how many are coming at the same time, it will be about 35 euros per person when there are minimal of two people.  The camping also arranges taxis which will cost about  60 - 80 euros per car.  This is advised for early morning or late evening arrivals/departures.  Bus and taxi information is also available (and easy to connect with from the airport)  You could also decide to rent a car and drive yourself to  camp Mithimna where you will register and be shown to where you will stay.

NOTE:   if you are leaving the area after October 5 or very early in the morning, we will NOT be able to provide the transportation but the camping can arrange a taxi for you.  It will be about €80.  

SHOPPING:  There are some supermarkets and vegetable stores in the town of Kissamos, which is easily accessible by bus or car;  we can also pick up some things for you if we know this in advance.


CAMPING TENTS AND HUTS,  STUDIOS AND  APARTMENTS There are different housing options  available which we will arrange for you.  Please contact us and let us know your preference.  Availability on first come first served basis.  Our group is given a discount that is less than what others  would normally pay for renting apartments, tents or wooden huts on their own.




CAMPING:  for those who like to camp, there are comfortable camping options at Camping  Mithimna.  All tents and huts have electricity and wifi access, a refrigerator, cooking utensils, beds, sheets and blankets, tables and chairs in front of your tent.   You would have to bring your own towels.  I recommend the wooden huts as they are most quiet and you won't be visited by the many friendly cats and dogs who live nearby!  However, as it is a public campground,if you want more peace and quiet especially at night, might not be a good  choice for you. There is sometimes lively music coming from the restaurant at night in the spirit of Crete!

Large tent for two people:  approximately €20 per night  for 2 people.

Smaller tent for one person:  approximately €15 per night

Large wooden hut:  approximately €25 per night for two people

The camping area is just some metres away from a very quiet beach.  There is a kitchen area for you to prepare your own breakfast and dinner.

STUDIOS AND APARTMENTS:  Nearby where we will also have our meetings,  there are comfortable studio and apartments available, with full kitchen, living room, and two beds.  There is also a nice garden to rest in with sunbeds.   Please note:  when you register late and there are no more studio apartments available on the premises, not to worry as we will arrange something quite nearby that is comparable in price and comfort!)

Large apartment:  €45 per night for two people 

Smaller studio apartment:  €38 per night for two people

Single studio apartment:  €28 for one person per night 

Studios and apartments  include bedding and towels, and there is a refrigerator and kitchenware for you to cook when you prefer to prepare your own dinner and breakfast.

Nearby restaurants:  besides the camping restaurant, there are other good restaurants nearby within walking distanceWe can give you this information later. Also, you could rent a car or motorbike at the camping if you would like to move around on your own during the afternoons, and some excursions could also be planned for you through the camping as well. 

THE NEAREST AIRPORT IS CHANIA.  Drapanias is about 30 minutes drive by car.  We can arrange a pickup from the airport for approximately  €35 per person. A normal taxi would cost you around €80. You could also take a bus from Chania to the camping.   We will help you with travel plans. Please let us know your travel plans as soon as you know them.

PAYING FOR YOUR ACCOMMODATIONS:  The camping does accept credit cards so you can pay with cash or credit card upon arrival.  Also, you can stay there for as long as you wish - but let me know if you want me to reserve for you.  For those arriving before the retreat, you can also stay there but let us know so that we can arrange it for you.


-  print out the syllabus which Saki will be sending to you around Sept. 20

-  notebook and pens for journaling

-  a mat to sit/lie on for qigong and for the morning sessions.  We do some lying down practices on a hard concrete floor so it will be good to have some light yoga mat or bamboo mat to put under the blanket from your room (so that it does not get dirty)

-  sunscreen, bathing suit, sandals for beach (pebble beach), large hat or sunglasses

-  a light jacket/sweater for evenings

-  own beach towel

-  your own herbal teas or special food items


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