Sacred Aging Retreat on Crete: October 1 - 6, 2018

Come and join us on the unspoiled west coast of Kissamos, Crete for our first Sacred Aging retreat!  We will be meeting each other at camping Mithimna, where there is a quiet outdoor meeting space for us.

This group is for a small and intimate circle of those 50 years on up, and will be limited to about 10 participants.  The retreat will include experiential work on issues around aging, which will involve both individual contemplation as well as some group sharing.  

The daily schedule will also include  healing and movement practice (qigong), meditation, silence and  free time for swimming, relaxation and exploring Crete on your own or with others from the group in the afternoon and evening.

Saki will also be available for individual guidance for those who would like to delve deeper into a retreat atmosphere.

The aim of this special retreat  is to enable you to:

* Explore unexamined, self-limiting beliefs, stereotypes and assumptions about aging; 

* Develop self-compassion to cope more effectively with change, worry, and stresses associated with aging;

* Discover and reflect on what has given heart and meaning to your life and how this brings inspiration to becoming a wise elder;

* Enhance connection and reduce isolation from others and the web of life by understanding our shared humanity in the aging process;

* Reduce fear and increase acceptance in the presence of death and dying for ourselves and for our loved ones.

* Exploring the importance of spirituality and ongoing work with tranformative inner practices...

and much more.

This is a unique opportunity to give time and space to an important phase of life's journey!  Please register as soon as possible while there is still space!

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