Agility Equipment Ontario

agility equipment ontario
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agility equipment ontario - Agility in
Agility in the Bag
Agility in the Bag
The Agility in a Bag set is the perfect solution for everyone just starting off in the fun sport of dog agility. Practice at home, or take it on the road. Everything you need in convenient carrying bags! Comes with 5 popular agility obstacles that can be used indoors or out. Made of furniture grade UV stabilized plastic. Weighs only 18 lbs. Includes: (1) WEAVE POLE SET: 6 pole set with free standing base. (2) HURDLE JUMP: The jump bar adjusts in height by sliding jump cups up and down on side bars. (3) TIRE JUMP: 22" diameter hoop slides up and down on side bars for adjusting for any size dog. (4) PAUSE BOX: Great training aid and substitute for the pause table. (5) TUNNEL Dacron canvas type 3' tunnel with 22" diameter. Use the tunnel by itself, or attach the chute. (6) CHUTE: Attachable 8' chute. Attaches with velcro. (7) CARRYING BAG: Sturdy canvas bag with zipper closure and extra wide strap. (8) ALSO INCLUDES: Colored vinyl tape for decorating poles and easy assembly and training tips. (Colors may vary from what is pictured). Our most popular item!

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Agility mit Zebu
Agility mit Zebu
Agility-Turnier am 18. und 19. Juli 2009 in Lubbenau (Aufnahme: Sandra Dittrich)
Ricognizione Agility: Otturatore a 0.8 secondi Eos 60D - Canon 70-200 f/4 L

agility equipment ontario
agility equipment ontario
The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility
Digging holes in the backyard, chewing a hole in your favorite sock, running laps in the kitchen---dogs are always on the move. Why not channel some of that indefatigable energy into a hobby that can be fun for both you and your furry friend?
Training your dog (and yourself) for agility competitions will create a fun working relationship that both of you can enjoy. Find everything you need to know in this fun guide that includes information on pre-agility training, detailed advice on correction-free training, and step-by-step agility training techniques. Also learn how to make your own agility obstacles, use a clicker as a motivational tool, and officially enter agility trials.
Participating in agility competitions can build a strong, enduring bond between you and your dog. Read The Beginner's Guide to Dog Agility to learn the ins and outs of this exciting hobby.

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