Agility Title Bars

I can make you or your club custom title bars and batons.  Prices start at $25 for a 4-ft bar, 1" PVC.  Batons start at $10.

The PVC is cleaned and painted to the color of your choice.  Primary colors may use furniture grade PVC for optimal brightness.  Each pole includes a pen for signatures.

4' bar, divided into 3 6"-8" sections:
Club Logo*  | Title/Name/Date | Club Name
Club Logo* | Title/Name/Date | Club Logo*
Club Name | Title/Name | Location/Date
Clip Art | Title/Name | Clip Art

*Note: Club logo included only if I make poles for the club.

Color1 (Color2 Accent) | Color1 (Color2 Accent) | Color1 (Color2 Accent)
Color1 (Color2 Accent) | Color2 (Color1 Accent) | Color1 (Color2 Accent)

Thin/Thick Strip
Thin/Thick Bone
Thin/Thick Paw Print
Thin/Thick Other Shape

Pole Finish:

Both the plug and the cap can have streamers.