News update July 2012:
A new section with more background information on Agile tools will be added here.

The Agile Tracking Tool can be used as a tool for Agile software development.


- Support for both Kanban (new!) and Scrum way of working.

- Tracking how work develops over time.    
    - Learn what the development of finished and requested work is. 
    - Show how much work is in progress and blocked.

- Maintaining your backlog:
    - Prioritization of backlog.
    - Backlog items can be categorized.
    - Editing of backlog items is fast.
    - Acceptance criteria and comments can be added to backlog items.

- Support for iterations (skipped when in Kanban mode!):
    - Measure iteration velocity.
    - Iteration burn down graph.
    - Maintaining status of items in the current iteration.

- Forecast when work will be done using the measured velocity.

- Export and import all your valuable data (xml format).

- Maintaining multiple users and projects

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