Call To Action

Agile Tour Sydney sponsorship is an opportunity to be associated with and support the leading Agile practitioners in our community.  Since the event will be low-cost, sponsoring is the primary mechanism for funding Agile Tour. The fourth edition of the global Agile Tour in 2011 attracted more than 10 000 participants in 52 cities worldwide. Agile Tour 2012 has already attracted 70 cities, including Sydney.

For Agile Tour Sydney, we’ve created a fixed-amount $500 sponsor ticket which provides the following benefits:
  • Logo on the Agile Tour Sydney web site
  • Explicit mention at the start and end of the event
  • A time slot for a Speaker
  • Our logo on your marketing material (web site and online ticket)
  • Speaker ticket included.

The main lift for a sponsor is to sponsor at low cost a community event and gather the feedback from real and passionate practitioners.