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Byte Nights

Take a Byte...come back for a big chunk...
19 September 2012
We had yet another interesting Edgy Agile night. We shared a few edgy and obscured things that we were trying out at our respective workplaces. Nights like these are perfect examples of Agile Tour, where we share our experiences and learn from each other. Practitioner to Practitioner.

5 topics were up for discussion:

Shock Therapy: Rapid Adoption of Agile
Drop a non-agile team into the Agile hot water. Give them 2 days of training, 2 days of story prioritisation and 1/2 day to breath, then you are rolling Agile 1 week Iterations before you know it. It about learning by trying, so don't expect much delivery on the first iteration but expect a rapid improvement in the function of the team, as long as there is backing from all sides of the field. It can be done. Retrospectives are important.
What makes Agile: Is it culture, guidelines or tools?
Take a top down approach and take it bottom up approach. It might means budgets to trying Agile. It might mean adopting just guidelines and tools, whilst slowly developing a culture. Agile needs to be all three: culture, guidelines or tools.

Distributed teams can work with the right formula
Regular face to face (yes physical co-location) is needed, but distributed team can work. Use Skype, use google hangout, have scrum of scrums, have teams split with functionality. But reduce the time-zone difference. Be aware of cross culture (organisation or country level). Make it social. Don't rely on tools. Have a mirror wall.

Multi-product Agile teams
What happens when 5 Agile teams are support 5 product managers, many to many? And a corporation manager can only hear screams from the 5 product managers? Empower the 5 product managers to think not only for their product but think on behalf of the corporation.

Integration with non-Agile Teams
You either work around them or slowly educate them to be agile. May be it's possible to resolve the barriers to their Anti-agile behaviour, by identifying their fears. Work around them, by splitting a project into Agile team and non-Agile team.

drafted by Cindy

22 August 2012

We had an inspiring Wednesday night on 22 August. I must say I felt an extra spring in my step many days after.
So, what happened? Well, a bunch of mad Agilist meet up in Plan It offices to concoct the next Agile virus. Wooohahaha...

Not really. We were very normal but also very Agile. The night started with a series of lightning talks followed by an interesting fish bowl. Sadly there weren't any water or fishes in the fish bowl. But, there were plenty passionate Agilist swapping 3 hot seats.

Agile Tour Byte night #1

Lightning talks:
  • What's wrong with my Agile? - Cindy Tran, Software Engineer, Suncorp
  • Manufacturing vs Software Development - Dominic Franco, Iteration Manager, Suncorp
  • Observation vs Measurement - Jeremie Benzara, Iteration Manager, Suncorp
  • How did I get into Agile? - Jay Conne
  • Effective Standups - Martyn Frank, Iteration Manager
  • Varying levels of Agile maturity in an organisation - Simon Saoumi, Project Manager, Suncorp
  • Agile Integration Approach - Brett Sailbury, Software Engineer, Suncorp
Fish bowled topics:
  • Varying levels of Agile maturity in an organisation - from the lightning talk.
  • Agile Tour 2011: the good, the bad and what's next.

We would love to meet more passionate Agilists. So, come share the frustrations, surprises, rewards and even few brags.

drafted by Cindy