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Call for Facilitators

Agility Beyond Technology

Are you an Agilist who wants to inspire others into what is possible?

One of the practices of a change maker is to help others see their opportunities. Without seeing them, you can’t take advantage of them.

How do you get others engaged into discovering what’s possible? Come share your techniques and inspire us by submitting a workshop proposal for the sixth edition of Agile Tour Sydney.

You will inspire practitioners who are one step away from making it possible.

Engage with people in the trenches, and learn how to turn these engagements into insights. Tap into the wisdom of this incredible interaction,and make it your own.
Why a workshop?

Presentations are an efficient way to deliver a visual content to an audience in search of a solution. However, often these presentations are not engaging enough, and participants lose focus, which does not instigate or inspire actioning the changes you seek.

A workshop, on the other hand, is about work (the work of showing up, the work of doing, the work of being present.) And the idea of doing this work in a shop, in a place for making, where work is shipped— changes everything. Mostly, it changes you, and who you share it with.It moves you forward and helps you see what you’re actually capable of.

90 minutes to raise the bar. Not just your bar, but the bar of those around you.

The benefit of a group workshop isn’t efficiency. It’s the magic that comes from being around people who are better than you. More passionate, more connected, more informed. Not all of them, not all the time, certainly. At any given moment, you’re the smartest person in the room.

The rest of the time, though, you get the benefit of learning from someone who has something to show you, perhaps inspire you and definitely teach you.