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One of the practices of a change maker is to help others see their opportunities.
Without seeing them, you can’t take advantage of them.

We are grateful to have such a great Agile community in Sydney!
Here is who supports it.

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At Elabor8, we believe disruption creates opportunity, and that the best ideas, products and service come from forward thinking and adaptive companies.

We show companies how to innovate and lead by: gaining clarity and insight into their environment; building coherence and adaptability into their processes; and developing the capabilities they need to succeed.

We provide services in customer research and analysis; bespoke methods and consulting in innovation, product design and software delivery; organisational transformation and coaching in lean and agile.

Agility is one of AMP's key strategic priorities. We are aiming for Enterprise Agility...Agility at the execution, portfolio and strategic level. We value being an active part of Australia's Agile community and the opportunity to contribute as a Sponsor of Agile Tour Sydney.

AMP is Australia and New Zealand’s leading independent wealth management company, helping customers achieve their goals through our offers, solutions and personalised financial advice. For more than 165 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping our customers take control of their finances, be debt free, plan for and manage their retirement, and be financially secure in case of misfortune. Today, we provide financial advice and products to over four million retail and institutional customers in our core markets of Australia and New Zealand. We also have an expanding global presence through AMP Capital, providing investment management services to institutional and retail clients across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

At ING Direct we are passionate about embracing new ways of thinking and using them to provide our customers with solutions that are right for them. Since embracing agile across our organisation we have seen huge improvements in our products and also our organisational culture. We still have a long journey ahead of us but are enjoying learning along the way. Sponsoring events like Agile Tour is our way of saying thanks for all the great work of this community.

We are proud to be the lead challenger bank, proud to be different, and proud to be agile.