Kanban Sandwich

Consequences: Use of this pattern may help to facilitate release planning if the delivery cycles are synchronized.

Applicability: This pattern is applicable across most verticals. It should be noted that technical support teams will need representation at project level if they are to participate in large scale technology roll-outs.

Structure: Portfolio and Support levels are both run as Kanbans, while Project level work is run in Scrum fashion. Both methods support inspection and adaptation.

Intent: Have an appropriate agile way of working at each of three enterprise levels


  • Different sores must have different salves

Also Known As:

  • Agile Scalability Model

Motivation: An agile enterprise transformation affects the entire business. Kanban teams are best suited in technical support, while projects are more likely to be run in Scrum fashion. At the business level we often find "project pipelines" that become Kanban-like once Agile practices are embedded in the boardroom.

Implementation: This pattern can be found in the Scaled Agile Framework. It can also be correlated to the agility@scale approach where such issues have been framed in the context of DevOps and a business-driven project pipeline that supports architectural visioning.

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