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Used Badminton Equipment

used badminton equipment
    badminton equipment
  • equipment for playing the game of badminton
used badminton equipment - Sportcraft Two
Sportcraft Two Player Badminton Racket Set
Sportcraft Two Player Badminton Racket Set
Sportcraft Two Player Badminton Racket Set has four Hi-performance badminton rackets. It includes high grade twisted string and grommet protectors for added strength and durability. It has soft touch wood handles for no slip grip. It also comes with a convenient carry/storage bag.

The Sportcraft Two-player Badminton Racket Set features four badminton rackets with high grade twisted string, grommet protectors for added strength and durability, and soft touch wood handles for a non-slip grip. Also included is a convenient carry/storage bag and two official sized shuttlecocks.
About Sportcraft:
The General Sportcraft Company was founded in 1926. In those times, most department stores did not carry sporting goods, so General Sportcraft helped pioneer the concept of "family-fun" departments within the store. Soon, the popularity of these departments spawned stand-alone sporting goods stores.
In the 1940s and 1950s, Sportcraft introduced new outdoor games to America, such as bocce, horseshoes, and volleyball. In time, Sportcraft's focus moved to indoors games like table tennis, billiards, foosball, and darts, now the company's most popular product lines. Today, more than 13 million customers a year purchase Sportcraft products.

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Gwynne Vaughan house from a distance
Gwynne Vaughan house from a distance
History We are the beneficiaries of a valuable gift. A heritage home on 6.8 acres of prime residential land that was willed to the District of Chilliwack for the use by the community as a park. The Gwynne Vaughan Park Society undertook the responsibility of administering the Park for the District, and as a result of the work of Society members, the beautiful gardens and trees have been restored by cleaning, weeding, pruning and maintenance. This in turn inspired ideas from many interested people and organizations, leading to many hours of planning and eventual creation of a unique and beautiful community park. The grounds and buildings which the Gwynne Vaughan Park Society manages are part truly "human documents" which communicate the ideas and values of the time period in which they were built and of those that built them. Adelaide Gwynne Vaughan ... was born to Welsh parents in the century-old Driscoll house the Society is preserving today, and lived most of her life there. "Gwynnie", as she was affectionately called, was an enthusiastic gardener, with active membership in the Chilliwack Horticultural Society (now the Chilliwack Garden Club). A trophy for the best narcissus in the Spring Show is still awarded annually in her name. She enjoyed a good game of bridge with close friends, and was an expert badminton player. Gwynnie married Sam Bateman in the early '50s and lived in Saskatchewan for a few years, and then returned to the Fraser Valley, where they lived in her old home enjoying their garden and wide circle of friends. Society Achievements The Usher family generously made a substantial donation to help establish the Gwynne Vaughan Park Society, which has worked diligently to make the Park a unique place for the whole community to enjoy. There is a new paved path, new fences, signs and lighting in the parking lot. The house has been given a new roof, exterior paint job, insulation, up-dated wiring and windows and basement animal-proofing, while our tenants have painted and cared for the interior. The garden shed has been refurbished, reroofed and a washroom installed as a result of a donation by the Chilliwack Rotary Club. The Chilliwack Fraser Rotary Club has also generously supported and raised funds for the new Gwynne Vaughan Park Rotary Pavilion, west of the parking lot. A new garden shed was built and donated by Sardis Secondary students. Our Senior Allotment Gardens have been a great success. We currently have 20 garden plots assigned. They provide a great opportunity for gardeners to produce fresh vegetables and flowers, to meet new friends and to enjoy the park. Numerous donations have been received for memorial benches, trees, equipment, plants and paving stones. The District of Chilliwack as well as businesses, individuals, community groups and volunteers continue to support the Park with funds and personal effort, without which the Park could not survive. "Friends of the Park" A new group, "Friends of the Park", under the guidance of Linda Carrabetta (landscape architect) continues to assist in planning, designing, maintaining and expanding the garden beds. The Friends are grateful for the earlier guidance of Ken Wilson (horticulturist) in establishing the newer garden beds. When it became clear the our Spring and Fall work days could not meet the maintenance requirements for the Park, the Friends group was formed and meets Tuesday mornings from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. Anyone is welcome to join and learn more about plants and gardening. Our main fundraising event of the year is our Plant Sale and Garden Craft Show, held at the park the first Saturday of June. Historical Dates 1896 House built for Alfred Driscoll. 1902 House and land sold to council member D.E. Gwynn Vaughan (15 acres). 1907 Adelaide Gwynne Vaughan born. Landscaping by Bateman and Gwynne Vaughan family. 1993 Land and house donated to city for a park by Gwynne Vaughan. 1995 Gwynne Vaughan Park Society formed by city council member Doug Steinson. 1996 Ron Duke established allotment gardens with $1,000 donation from Chilliwack Rotary Club. 1997 First plant sale, June 14 at Glen Thelin yard; major cash gift from Usher estate and from Guinets; non-profit tax number received. 1998 Parking lot improved; $5,000 received from Chilliwack Rotary Club for washrooms; roof shingled. 1999 New sign carved and new wooden rail fence made by Dan Coulter; attic and porch ceiling insulated. 2000 Exterior of house scraped and painted; washroom added to garden shed; major cash gift received from Guinets. 2001 Paving stone walkway completed; Friends of the Park formed under Ken Wilson; Chilliwack Fraser Rotary Garden pavilion started. 2002 Memorial trees labeled; heritage award received by Society 2003 7th Annual Plant Sale and Strawberry Tea netted $10,000; new tent purchased; laundry floor replaced; sink installed in downstairs washroom; vents and air ducts cleaned; exterior of house scra
Babolat is a France-based tennis, badminton, and squash equipment company, best known for its racquets which are used by several top players such as Andy Roddick, Rafael Nadal, Fernando Gonzalez, Robby Ginepri, Igor Andreev, Carlos Moya and Karim Alami. The company has made strings since 1875, when Pierre Babolat created the first strings made of natural gut. Babolat continued to focus on strings until 1994, when it became a "total tennis" company. Source: Wikipedia. Canon 85/1.2

used badminton equipment
used badminton equipment
Halex Classic 10 Game Outdoor Combination Set
Halex classic combo set includes 10 different games; Volleyball, Badminton, Baseball, Kickball, Stik-ums, Splash Power Stik-Ums, Backyard Tennis, Splash Power Tennis, Flying Disc and Beach Ball. Something for everyone. All necessary equipment for games such as poles, net, ball, rackets, shuttlecocks and support systems. Customer care at 1-800-645-5190 (or)

Turn your backyard into a full-blown game center with the Halex Classic 10-game combination set. The combo set includes all the equipment you need to play 10 different games: volleyball, badminton, baseball, kickball, Stick-Ums, Splash Power Stick-Ums, backyard tennis, Splash Power tennis, flying disc, and beach ball. The set starts with a pair of 3/4-inch-diameter PVC poles that stand 5 feet 1 inch tall--the regulation height for a badminton net. Spanning the poles is an 18-foot-long by 1-1/2-foot-tall net, with a set of stakes and ropes to help the net stay taut. The remainder of the set encompasses a ton of sporting equipment: four steel-shafted badminton rackets, three shuttlecocks, a vinyl volleyball with a pump and needle, two Stick-Ums paddles with a soft Stick-Ums ball, and everything else you need to throw, kick, and hit your way to summertime fun.

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