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Salon Combination UV Sterilizer & Towel Warmer Cabinet
Salon Combination UV Sterilizer & Towel Warmer Cabinet
Professional quality - CE certified (International safety compliance standard)
Versatile - Warms wet or dry towels.
Dual purpose - Unit is a combination UV sterilizer & hot towel warmer; cabinet includes a removable, durable, light-weight wire basket, making storing and accessing towels easy.
Superb UV sterilization - Towel chamber features reflective panels, and a premium, long-life 254 nanometer, UVC disinfectant, germicidal bulb that kills most micro-organisms. Direct exposure to this light is harmful to unprotected skin and eyes, so the bulb turns off automatically when the cabinet door is opened (Our photographs show the UV light illuminated with the door open; these pictures are created only for illustrative purposes).
Toasty-warm towels - Lower chamber heats up to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.
Ultra-high efficiency - Insulated design retains and distributes heat evenly. Newest electronic circuitry and premium heating elements allow this cabinet to operate with only 173 watts of power; using half the power of competing units and older designs.
Three operating modes - Sterilization only, heat only, or sterilization plus heat.
Large capacity - Chamber measures 13.25" wide, 9" deep, and 6" tall. Holds 27 towels, 12" x 12" each (towels not included). Overall Dimensions: 16" x 13" x 10"
Easy to use - Arrives fully-assembled and features push-button controls along with easy-to-read LED indicators.

Item Specifications: Brand: Online Salon Store. Input power: 120 volts, 3-prong grounded cord.
Includes: CE-certified, high-efficiency, dual-purpose towel cabinet with pre-installed germicidal UV bulb and additional spare bulb

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Thursday, October 1, 2009 Breast Cancer "Be" Awareness Month My hopes and prayers go out to all the women and men in our world who are afflicted, know someone or has lost someone from this dreaded disease. WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE ONE FEEL AT A TIME. Rx: “Booby Trap” Difficulty: Medium Use With: 2 balls of Fjord yarn (in your skin color), 2 shades of Roving Wool (one color for areola and one color for the nipples), Special Items Needed: Needle felting needle, nipple ring(s) Special Techniques: knitting in the round, decreasing, crochet, felting Don’t touch your boobs without the right equipment! For only $45, ADHD Knitting is offering the “Booby Trap” KIT which includes everything you need for a great set of boobs! $1 of each “Booby Trap” kit sold will be donated to breast cancer research. 1. Pattern 2. 2 balls of FJORD yarn in your choice of “skin” color. Click on the “Fjord” yarn section of my Etsy store to choose your color. 3. 2 nipple rings 4. 2 colors roving yarn to make the areola and the nipple. (Your color choice) 5. Needle felting needle Directions: You will make 2 boobs exactly the same. FIRST BOOB CO 82 sts. and join (making sure not to have any of your sts twisted) to work in the round. Make sure that you place a SM (stitch marker) at the beginning of the round. If using DPNs, separate the 82 sts evenly onto 4 of the DPNs. Rounds 1-6: Knit (Working in the round, knitting every round of stitches results in stockinette stitch.) Round 7 (decrease round): K8, K2tog to end of round (72 sts) Rounds 8-12: Knit Round 13 (decrease round): K7, K2tog to end of round (64 sts) Rounds 14-17: Knit Round 18 (decrease round): K6, K2tog to end of round (56 sts) Rounds 19-21: Knit Round 22 (decrease round): K5, K2tog to end of round (48 sts) Rounds 23 & 24: Knit Round 25 (decrease round): K4, K2tog to end of round (40 sts) Rounds 26, 28, 30 & 32: Knit Round 27 (decrease round): K3, K2tog to end of round (32 sts) Round 29 (decrease round): K2, K2tog to end of round (24 sts) Round 31 (decrease round): K1, K2tog to end of round (16 sts) Round 33 (decrease round): K2tog to end of round (8 sts remain) Leaving a 4"-6" tail, cut yarn and with a darning needle weave the tail through the 8 remaining stitches making sure to repeat until the stitches are secure. Cut the remaining tail. REPEAT FOR SECOND BOOB. Page: 1/2 Design, original pattern, and sample by Gail Pasqualotto. Pattern editor Heather James. 2 Sets 16” US10 1/2 K-10 1/2 Set of 5 Size: US10 1/2 DPNs SIDE STRAPS (MAKE 2) Make sure you leave 4"-6" of tail on both ends of chain sts. With your crochet hook, holding 2 strands of yarn together Ch. 60sts. NECK STRAPS (MAKE 2) Make sure you leave 4"-6" of tail on both ends of chain sts. With your crochet hook, holding 2 strands of yarn together Ch. 80 sts. SET YOUR 4 STRAPS ASIDE. DO NOT SEW THEM ONTO THE BOOBS UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE FELTED YOUR BOOBS TO THE APPROPRIATE SIZE NEEDED. NOW IT IS TIME TO FELT UP YOUR BOOBS. FJORD YARN FELTS UP QUICKLY. I LITERALLY CHECKED THEM EVERY 5 MINS. THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE THE FELTING PROCESS IS GOING TO DETERMINE YOUR CORRECT SIZE. When you are pleased with the sizing (shrinking boobies), it is time to kinda play with your boobs. Make sure to squeeze them thoroughly. (We don't want them drippy now, do we?) Take your “boobs” and placed them over your boobs so that you can eyeball where to place your straps. When you are happy with strap placement, sew them securely onto the felted boobs. You can now wet felt the straps by hand with just a little bit of warm/ hot water and some liquid soap. Time to needle felt the girls...with your roving wool, needle felting needle, and the color you have chosen for the areola, begin making a small circle right directly onto the felted boob. It is up to you to choose the size you would like for the areola. When that is done, it is now time to needle felt your nipples (ouch). Take the color for the nipple (contrasting color, if that is what you nipples look like - I used a lighter color for my nipple. It stands out better - pun intended.) To make the nipple you just make a tiny little bead like size ball with the roving wool. I just added the roving right onto the areola and then started to make it 3D and is kind-of like making a bobble, but out of roving wool. SEW BOOBS TOGETHER. After both boobs are knit, seam them together by placing a small portion of each boob’s right side together and seam approximately an inch or two together. DRUM ROLL PLEASE... TIME TO ADD THE NIPPLE RING. You can also add your own tattoos, preferably the pink logo for breast cancer, but anything is great. NOW PUT ON YOUR BOOBIES AND RUN AROUND THE HOUSE, POOL, STREETS AND ACT LIKE A CRAZY PERSON. ( Oh sorry, you don't have to do that. That is just what I did.) *DISCLAIMER: If you chose to go in public wearing your "BOOBY TRAP" you are responsible for bailing yourself out of jail and all said fines tha
Equipment Nikon D90 Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 2. September 2010 SOOC Today had been awesome. I came along with a friend of mine to support her while she got a tattoo. Afterwards, I drove home to work on my master thesis, but instead I fell asleep on my couch… The last hours I spent with my dad searching for his analog Nikon and, hell yeah, we found it! So I'm a owner of a Nikon FM since today and I'm totally in love with that baby. Now I'm searching for some lenses, so please share some tips if you have experience with this camera. Tomorrow I will also visit my local photo store and maybe he has some cheap lenses for me. Maybe I can also finish my film, which is inside my Lubitel, so that I can get him developed… 5 more in comments!

tattoo equipment stores
tattoo equipment stores
Cosco Green Soap Tattoo Stencil Soap - Hospital Grade Soap 1 Gallon
***1 Gallon Size***The number one tattoo cleanser in the industry. COSCO green soap is excellent when diluted with water for skin prep and also for stencil application. It is the undisputed champion when it comes to general cleanup in your clean room. This is pure tincture of green soap with lavender oil. A natural soap made from pure vegetable oils and glycerin, completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. This item is heavy so additional fees apply for anything other than ground shipping. Diluting Suggestions: 1 part green soap and 9 parts water as a skin wash and for applying stencils. This means you can make 9 gallons of solution with A 1 Gallon Bottle!

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