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buy skiing equipment
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  • The action of traveling over snow on skis, esp. as a sport or recreation. Competitive skiing falls into two categories: Nordic (cross-country racing, jumping, and biathlon) and Alpine (downhill or straight racing, and slalom racing around a series of markers)
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buy skiing equipment - A Trailside
A Trailside Guide: Cross-Country Skiing (Trailside Guides)
A Trailside Guide: Cross-Country Skiing (Trailside Guides)
The wonder of cross-country skiing is that it lets you travel over deep snow almost effortlessly, opening up a world of winter possibilities.
Add to that a superb aerobic workout and you have the perfect cold-season sport. It's as easy-going as a spin around the nearest meadow, as thrilling as telemarking down a mountain, as rewarding as hut-to-hut touring in the backcountry. Includes full-color illustrated, step-by-step sections on the basics, and advanced instruction on telemark and skating technique.

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The different skis I've owned over the years. L to R: Salomon X Scream Series (1999-2000) These were my first skis which I absolutely loved at the time. Stiff with good dampening properties and could carve well. One of the widest skis at the time and considered THE skis to have for that winter. Cause of death; busted edge. Geek fact: I reckon the pro-link dampeners do work to some extent given the hairline stress fractures in the top sheet above rear pro-links after a particularly heavy backward landing. Salomon Teneighty (2000-2001) So next winter I brought a pair of Salomon 1080's using some of the insurance money I got from my busted X Scream's. I choose these skis as they were some of the most fun skis to ride on at the time. Cause of death; busted edge (and by now I had enough of Salomon's build quality). Geek fact: Well there isn't any with this mass market ski Line Mothership (2002-2003) I brought these skis after demoing a pair in Tignes. They were one of the largest powder skis around that season and gave me the first true sensation of floating on powder when skiing off piste. This was also the first winter Line began distributing skis in the UK (and Europe) and consequently there are very few of these skis around. Geek fact: To date I have only seen the two demo skis that I tried in Tignes and one other pair on the slopes in Europe. I know there a few more around but you can pretty much guarantee that if you see someone skiing these in the Alps it is probably me. These skis super versatile and refuse to die. hence I am still using them for mixed conditions. K2 Hell Bents (2008-2009) This season I decided to acquire a pair of full on powder skis. These skis are huge! Despite supposedly being 189's they are longer than my 195 X Scream's and I ended up having to buy a new ski bag just to accommodate them. These skis have a rocker base which makes them float like a boat in powder and ski effortlessly switch in powder. Their size can make them cumbersome in tight trees and they are a handful on moguls and chopped up pistes. But on powder and on freshly groomed pistes their awesome fun. Geek fact: I using Salomon STH12 bindings instead of the typical Marker bindings these are typically sold with as I like the sturdy but light feel of Salomon bindings. Next season... Well I was thinking of getting a pair of all mountain skis to accompany the Hell Bents, but seeing as the Motherships are refusing to die I might just stick with them. Now I've shown you mine show me yours. Update: The following season I brought a pair of Line Prophet 100's and fitted touring bindings to them
Typical interior BC setup, 99-02 (Greatest skis ever)
Typical interior BC setup, 99-02 (Greatest skis ever)
Although the Volkl Explosiv 3s are a decade old, and the Salomon S900s are a good 15 years old (and probably no longer safe to use) this ski/binding set-up remains an alltime fave, and the most reliable for all-conditions descents. I am not one of them (yet) but there are people that still buy-up pairs of these skis just to have 'backups' around--they were *that* good when they came out..

buy skiing equipment
buy skiing equipment
Tom Wallisch spends more time in his ski boots than we spend in our shoes, except he’s stomping 100’+ park jumps all day and running up stairs to slide rails all night (or playing basketball). From X-Games podiums to award winning video segments, the Full Tilt Hot Dogger by Tom Wallisch is the ski boot Tom credits for giving him the precision, comfort & light weight, anti-shin bang superpowers that have made him the freestyle skier all others are now measured by. Add in the NEW! ultra responsive Pro Quick-Fit liner with Intuition foam that molds 100% to your feet & he’s now got even more power to him.

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