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Agilent Electronic Test Equipment

agilent electronic test equipment
    test equipment
  • equipment required to perform a test
  • of or relating to electronics; concerned with or using devices that operate on principles governing the behavior of electrons; "electronic devices"
  • Electronic is the self-titled debut album by British supergroup Electronic, formed by Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr. It was first released in May 1991 (see 1991 in music) on the Factory label, and reissued in remastered form in 1994 by Parlophone after Factory collapsed.
  • (of a device) Having or operating with the aid of many small components, esp. microchips and transistors, that control and direct an electric current
  • Of or relating to electronics
  • (of music) Produced by electronic instruments
  • Electronic were an alternative dance group formed by New Order singer and guitarist Bernard Sumner and ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr.
  • Agilent Technologies , or Agilent, is a company which designs and manufactures electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments and equipment for measurement and evaluation. The company's headquarters are in Santa Clara, California, in the Silicon Valley region.
agilent electronic test equipment - Agilent Digital
Agilent Digital Multimeter, Handheld, 50K Cnt, .025% Accur
Agilent Digital Multimeter, Handheld, 50K Cnt, .025% Accur
Agilent's U1250A Series handheld digital multimeters give you more performance and functions than any other DMM in its class.Features: 4-1/2 digit, 50,000 count display True RMS measurement capacity Data logging standard and PC connectivity via IR-USB cable (optional) Multifunction tilt stand - Vertically at 30°, 60° or flip it into hanging kit Math functions 20 MHz frequency counter (U1252A) Programmable square wave generator (U1252A) Meter battery charging (U1252A) Includes: Meter; Test Lead Kit; 9V Alkaline battery (U1251A); 300mA, 7.2V NiMH battery (U1252A); Power cord and AC Power adapter (U1252A); Getting Started Guide; Product Reference CD; Test Report and Calibration Certificate; Soft carrying case. Specifications Model: U1252A Resolution: 50,000 Display: Dual Basic DCV Accuracy: 0.25% Data Logging (Points): 100 (MAN) 200 (INT) TRMS: AC + DC Frequency Counter: 20 MHz Square Wave Generator: 4800 Hz Battery: NiMH + Power Cord Temperature Measurements: Type J,K SAVE $150 IN FREE ACCESSORIES: Both models come bundled with all the essential accessories you need at no extra cost, including calibration, a complete set of test leads and probes, and a rugged carrying case. You'd pay $150 for these individually. $150 in FREE Accessories Include: Calibration Test Report Product Reference CD ROM Soft Carrying Case Standard Test Leads Alligator Clips SMT Grabber Fine Test Tip Probes Alkaline 9V Battery Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Battery Charger with Power Cable Three Year Warranty

76% (18)
I don't have a marketing budget, but I do have a travel budget to come talk to you...
I don't have a marketing budget, but I do have a travel budget to come talk to you... conferences such as Space Access. This is Jeff Hamilton, a business development manager at NASA. Says Jeff: "We want to help you work with us without going insane. It's your stuff; your taxes paid for it. You should be able to use it. There's lots of test equipment that is way underutilized and I want folks to know about it."
Attention to Detail
Attention to Detail
Plunger studs on the bottom of this vintage HP 3310A Function Generator embossed with the company logo. Long before Agilent - they don't make them like this anymore!

agilent electronic test equipment
agilent electronic test equipment
Agilent Power Supply, Triple Output, DC, Digital, E3631A
Quiet, Stable DC Power for low-cost manual and automated testing! Agilent basic DC power supplies offer essential features for a tight budget. The triple output, 80 W, GPIB, E3631A provides small, compact size for bench use; low output ripple and noise; built-in measurements and basic programmable features. This clean and reliable supply is designed for general purpose applications; and combines convenient benchtop capabilities with flexible system features in a compact, multi-output package. Cleaner power and low price no longer an either/or question Low noise and excellent regulation Single- to triple-output models 30W to 200W Output PowerFront-panel programming and/or GPIB and RS-232 Convenient size for the R&D bench One-Year Warranty Model No: E3631A No. of Outputs: 3 No. of Ranges: 1 Power: 80W DC Output Range: 6V, 5A, ± 25V, 1A Features: Control Mode:CV,CL Common Mode: GPIB + RS232: Yes Programmable: Yes Load & Line Regulation: Ripple & Noise: 350µV Transient Response: 15mV Resolution V/C: 1mV, 10mV/1mA Isolation: ±240 VDC Specifications Output Ratings: Output 1: 0 to 6 V, 0 to 5 A Output 2: 0 to +25 V, 0 to 1 A Output 3: 0 to -25 V, 0 to 1 A Programming Accuracy at 25°C ±5°C: Voltage: 0.05% + 20 mV, 0.05% + 20 mV, 0.1% + 5 mV + Current: 0.15% + 4 mA, 0.15% + 4 mA, 0.2% + 10 mA Ripple & Noise (20 Hz to 20 MHz): Normal Mode Voltage: mV p-p, Normal-mode current: rms Common-mode current: µA rms Readback Accuracy at 25°C ±5°C Voltage: 0.05% + 10 mV, 0.05% + 10 mV, 0.1% + 5 mV Current: 0.15% + 4 mA, 0.15% + 4 mA, 0.2% + 10 mA Includes: Commercial calibration certificate and test lead set.

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