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Sprint Backlog

The Sprint Backlog is a document that lists the tasks to be performed as part of a Sprint.

  To document the list of activities to be implemented during a Sprint.

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 Main Description
The Sprint Backlog defines the work (in the form of tasks) that the Scrum Team must perform in order to turn the elements of the Product Backlog that Scrum Team (in negotiation with the Product Owner) selected as part of the Scrum Planning meeting.
In the second part of the Sprint Planning meeting, the Sprint Backlog is established by breaking down each user story or element of the Product Backlog into tasks. Each task is estimated (to a granularity of 4 to 16h) and associated to a team member.
The Sprint Backlog is highly visible and this is the role of the Scrum Team to maintain the Sprint Backlog up-to-date.
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