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Product Backlog

The Product Backlog is a document that lists and prioritizes the required features and constraints of the product to be build.

 To document the list of features and remaining features to be implemented.

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 Main Description
 The Product Backlog is a list of all the features and technical constraints that needs to be developed in order to meet the requirements of the project stakeholders. It represent everything that people interested in the product think it should contain.

 Brief Outline
 The key characteristics of a Product Backlog are:
  • The Product Backlog is dynamic. It may change based on new ideas or changes of priority.
  • The Product Backlog is prioritized. Each feature, requests, constraints or bug fix must be valued.
  • The Product Backlog is has a single owner, the Product Owner.
  • The Product Backlog is estimated. The cost of construction of each request must be know to facilitate prioritization and planning.


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