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Sprint Review Meeting

The Sprint Review Meeting is held at the end of a Sprint in order to demonstrate the work that was achieved.


 To get feedback from all stakeholders by demonstrating what was achieve during the Sprint.

 Roles  Primary Performer
 Secondary Performers
 Inputs  Mandatory:


 Main Description
A Sprint Review Meeting is held at the end of each Sprint, time-boxed to 4 hours. During the meeting, the Scrum Team presents what they could achieve by demoing the software functionality (the Increment of Product Functionality).
The Scrum Team presents to the Product Owner and all the stakeholders that are willing to attend.
The meeting is informal, with the intention to bring people together and demonstrate progress and seek for feedback.

 Key Practices
  • Keep the meeting informal, a maximum of 1 or 2 hours preparation should be granted to the Scrum Team.
  • Have all the team members present.
  • Only show fully working software, slide-shows are forbidden. Prototypes should be avoided.