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Sprint Planning Meeting

The Sprint Planning Meeting is a meeting held at the beginning of a Sprint intended to organize the work to be done during the Sprint.

To plan the work that must be accomplished during the Sprint.

 Roles  Primary Performer
 Secondary Performers
 Inputs  Mandatory:


 Main Description
 The Sprint Planning meeting must be attended by the Product Owner, Scrum Team and ScrumMaster. Optionally, other stakeholders (business experts, technical resources) may attend.

 Key Practices
 Guidelines To achieve its goals, the Sprint Planning meeting must be a negotiation between the Scrum Team and the Product Owner about what the Scrum Team will attempt during the next Sprint.

The goals are generally focused on building software but can also address other needs such as:

  • Fixing major issues
  • Producing supporting artifacts
  • Researching technology ...

It is a leading practice to have the Product Owner "on-call" during the step 2 of the process such that if the Scrum Team has follow-up questions, the Product Owner can answer them in real-time.