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A Sprint is an an iteration of software development used by the Scrum Team to develop useful software that can be demoed at the end of the Sprint.

 To implement and possibly deliver a working increment of the software

 Roles  Primary Performer:
 Secondary Performers:

 Inputs  Mandatory:


 Main Description
The Sprint allows the Scrum Team to implement all the tasks defined as part of the Sprint Backlog and create a working increment of the software. The Sprint is an iteration of (usually) 30 calendar days.
The Sprint is initiated with a Sprint Planning Meeting where the Product Owner, the ScrumMaster and the Scrum Team decides on the priorities for the next Sprint and constitute the contract for the Sprint.
During the Sprint, them (self-managed) Scrum Team gets together for a 15-minutes meeting called the Daily Scrum in order to synchronize the work. Team members implements the tasks they have been assigned to do and update the Burn Down charts as they are making progress.

 Key Practices