I'm currently seeking a publisher for "Agile Christianity". This page gives a high level overview of what the book is about.

The more we study Agile Software Development (
http://agilemanifesto.org/), the more parallels we see between it and Christianity.  In fact, we think that seeing Christianity as a framework for living instead of a list of "they shall nots" is helpful.  So, we propose a "Manifesto for Agile Christianity":

Manifesto for Agile Christianity

We are discovering better ways of being a Christian by trying to be like Christ. Through this process, we have come to value:

The Love of Christ over Quoting Scriptures: While memorizing and quoting numerous books, chapters, and verses of the Bible is impressive, the world does not lack access to the Word of God. It does, however,  lack access to people who show the Love of God to all regardless of their race, gender, creed, religion, age, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

Righteous Living over Exterior Actions: No amount of Bible study, ministry activity, or ornamentation (WWJD bracelets, promise rings, etc.) can replace living an authentically Christ-like life. The only true measure of Christian progress is righteous living.

Individual Relationships over Winning Converts: While having Billy Graham experiences where crowds of people come forward to know Christ is exciting, the gospel spreads more surely through individual relationships based on love and respect.

Joyful Giving over Tithes and Offerings: Giving a percentage of your income to the church is a good thing, but it does nothing for God if you do it grudgingly or out of a feeling of compulsion. Rather, find some way to joyfully give to others through your talents, volunteering your time, or financially contributing to worthy causes you're passionate about.

Anjuan Simmons