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Gabriela Guerrero Serdán


I am Development Economist,  currently working as Chief of Social Policy at  UNICEF Ethiopia where I aim to influence budgets and policies for the benefit of children. I hold a PhD in Economics from Royal Holloway College, the University of London and a Masters in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, Netherlands.  

Previous to my current job, I was Chief of Social Policy at UNICEF Madagascar. Before that,  Social and Economic Policy Specialist at UNICEF Peru and UNICEF Kazakshtan. In 2009, I joined the Program on Order, Conflict and Violence at the University of Yale as a Doctoral Research Fellow to conduct research on the impacts of the conflict in Iraq on children.  In 2007, I was research associate at the Research Institute Swisspeace

I started working on post-conflict resolution and recovery in Bosnia, back in 1997. Then I moved to East Timor with the UN Mission and became a Belgium-Sponsored JPO with UNDP in Laos. 

You can contact me at: ag.guerreroserdan@gmail.com

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