Flat tire sealant - Longest lasting mud tire - Yamaha motorcycles tires.

Flat Tire Sealant

flat tire sealant
    tire sealant
  • A usually latex-based liquid with some type of small particle mixed in, that's put inside tubes and tubeless tires to fix flats before they can happen. The sealant particles seal the hole almost immediately so you can keep right on riding.
  • having a surface without slope, tilt in which no part is higher or lower than another; "a flat desk"; "acres of level farmland"; "a plane surface"; "skirts sewn with fine flat seams"
  • An upright section of painted stage scenery mounted on a frame
  • A flat object, in particular
  • a level tract of land; "the salt flats of Utah"
  • The flat part of something
  • with flat sails; "sail flat against the wind"

Our Afternoon
Our Afternoon
I had to go to the Doctor, and a 15 minute drive took 50 minutes, partly due to rain and traffic. My Doctor had left, my being 15 minutes late. Things went from bad to worse, and I was told to come back in one and a half hours. Brent said he would be waiting outside, and I said I would be back in 5 minutes. Two minutes later I was out there and no-one in sight. After half an hour and two phone calls to our friend- I was pretty steamed. Where could brent have gone? Brent is a nice, humble, honest sort of guy. I had imagined him chasing some skirt down the road over to old Tims', or maybe to her apartment. Then I visualized a giant land mass coming to swoop him away into a marsh. I worried and luckily after two more minutes he showed up. "I've had a flat tire," he said. "I had to go get the tire filled with some sealant I bought." Then he said- "look, it has deflated already". It had. And it was raining. I felt so guilty, as usual. Brent had woken up three hours early just to drive me to the Doctor. He was not having fun, and I could not ge t the mounting hysteria out of my voice. Good old Brent. We had bought presents for our friend, Steve, and had not even got there, yet. We got to our pals' and his cat has had panleuchorea.Wart a stink! We both said- we just have to open the gifts outdoors. So we got back in the car and drove to Canadian TIre. "Ooops", I muttered, "I have to be at the Doctors'". So, Brent turned back. We had hardly any time for lunch, but scraped together change for some chips, from the stand next to the Doctors' office. I got to the Docs' and he sympathized:"I see you had no time to buy any sort of lunch besides junk chips. Haven't tried them yet, but I'm going to." I advised him not to. After that we really went to Canadian Tire, and waited half an hour in the drizzle to get the tire fixed. Of course, I had to buy some pot mums- four red ones. What a day!
No spare tire
No spare tire
The car comes with no spare tire. Where would you put it anyway. Under the front luggage area carpet is the tool kit (left side) and the electric inflator (center). Not visible, behind a cover is a bottle of sealant. The road side procedure: remove valve stem core, fill flat with sealant, replace valve stem core, use the electric inflator in the 12v cigarette lighter to air up the tire. And yes, it is a cigarette lighter... its right next to the ash tray.. quite a rare thing on cars in 2009... in the US anyway.

flat tire sealant
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