Automobile Tire Rating

automobile tire rating
    automobile tire
  • car tire: a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel
  • evaluation: an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"
  • standing or position on a scale
  • An angry reprimand
  • evaluation: act of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of

Jaguar XJ13 - Le Mans 1986
Jaguar XJ13 - Le Mans 1986
Various angles of the original (restored) 1960s Prototype Jaguar XJ-13. Arguably one of the most beautiful cars of it's time (and probably my favourite). Designed to take on the Ford GT40s (Porsches and Ferraris), but with a fraction of the (company) commitment and budget required, the project dragged on and on without really achieving anything. The handling and brakes where far from good and a lot more effort would have been required if they were going to achieve their goal. Meanwhile Ford pumped huge sums of money into their efforts and subcontracted the work out to specialists such as Lola. The result was the GT40 won 4 straight Le Mans and the XJ13 never got off the ground. Despite this some testing continued until the ACO changed the engine rules for pure prototypes (maximum 3 litres) and the planned 5 litre engine was no longer eligible – the GT40 on the other hand was now deemed a “production prototype” (50 or more cars of various types) and could continue to run with the bigger engines. Jaguar eventually put the car under wraps in late 1967 where it sat for a number of years, until they decided to use it as part of the press release for the Series 3 V12 E-type. They took the car to MIRA and shot some promotional footage in early 1971. The shoot was completed and Norman Dewis was on his last lap(s) when there was a rear tyre/wheel failure (I am sure I read somewhere that the tyres weren’t even rated to the maximum potential speed of the car!) and the car was pitched into the barrier - it then bounced back across the track and rolled through the ploughed in-field….oh dear! Dewis walked away but the car looked a mess (though not a complete write-off). It then sat at the back of the Jaguar workshop for another 18 months/2years until they quietly pulled it out and restored it. Note the restored car is faithful, having used the original Abbey Panels jigs (incidentally the same place the first Ford GT Prototype was built!), except for slightly flared wheel arches to accommodate larger wheels/tyres. On an interesting side note, the Ford GT/GT40 was supposedly born out of Henry Ford’s anger when Ferrari pulled out of the proposed Ford buyout - he commissioned a “Ferrari-beater” and got one, though it was ostensibly Lola’s know how that got them there.
1978 Mercury Marqui Wagon Consumer Information
1978 Mercury Marqui Wagon Consumer Information
This document explains how long it will take you to pass another car and how far it will take you to stop when driving a 1978 Mercury Marqui wagon.

automobile tire rating
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