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Safety first

Our security bars will show a would be thief that it would be quite difficult to break in.  They may be able to break the glass, but then they have to squeeze through.  (Not going to happen).  This allows you to go about your day knowing that your home is safe from break in.



Because the security bars are designed to be installed with special security screws, you can leave your windows open, and know that no one is going to simply cut through your screen and help themselves to your home and belongings.

Once an order is made, we will come out to your location and take the measurements needed to produce your product.  At that point, using special software, we will be able to show you a virtual image of the many possibilities of what your security bars can look like. The designs are endless, so this is your chance to be creative. 





Due to size and weight, security bars are limited to local sale only.  Since security bars are custom made, once an order is confirmed, a 50% deposit of the estimated price  is required before any work is started.   For more info see the Shopping, Shipping, Deposit & Return policy


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