About Aggressive Metal Works

    While on a jobsite in 2004, my coworker Russell  Jones was performing a steel repair.  While observing, I thought to myself “That looks like fun, let me have a try”.  Shortly  thereafter, russ began teaching me the basics, and I took a real liking to it.  Next I purchased a small “MIG” welder, and started welding up random things at home.  It wasn’t long before I realized that I could make all sorts of creative stuff.


  In 2005 I attended the Modern Welding School  in Schenectady, NY, where I learned all types of professional welding skills. While attending class, I purchased a largely upgraded welder, a Plasma cutter, and torches.  One of the instructors, John Mackie, started giving some great tips, and good ideas for  sculptures and weapons.  In 2005 I graduated with High Honors.


   Since I was always interested in the Medieval time period, it was inevitable that the next step would be Blacksmithing.  I began researching on the internet, watched some online videos on sites such as “YouTube” , ordered some books, and educated myself on the basics.  I purchased my first “Hay-Budden” anvil from a friend of mine, and ordered a forge.  Before I knew it, I was forging small knives, and detailed leaves.

I took a real liking to Blacksmithing, which led me to seek schooling in this field.  I discovered “The Center for Metal Arts” in Florida, NY. This is run by 2 of the nicest people you will ever meet: Ed and Rhoda Mack.  I began with some beginner classes, and quickly moved on to a couple of in depth classes where master blacksmith Uri Hoffi from Israel, taught how to forge, and the actual forging process itself.  I then continued taking classes such as Vivian Bear’s hot sheet forming where we took a flat sheet of steel, and formed it into different shapes,  like cone, tubes, bowls, and dishes. Another class that I took which I enjoyed greatly, and though was a lot of fun, was with master blacksmith Fred Crist.  In this class, we took solid bars and forged them into evil monster faces with horns, teeth, and beards. 

           Another school I found was “The New England School of MetalWork” run by Dereak Glaser located in Auburn, Maine.  They have many classes, which are hosted in a great facility. I enrolled in a class there,  where we built a belt sander used to make and sharpen, knives, swords, and axes. We were then allowed to take it home at the end of the class.  This is also where I purchased my Tire hammer/Power Hammer.  I returned a few times more to attend the Following:

    *Joinery of Architectural Iron Work:  Taught by Dereak Glaser, where we learned to make Rivets, Collars, Tenon and other Joinery methods.   

    *Pattern Welded Steel:  Taught by master knife maker Don Fogg, where we learned to make Damascus steel.

    *Pattern Welded Steel: Taught by master knife maker J.D. Smith.

    *The Basic Forged Blade:  Taught by Herb Kettle and Nick Rossi where we learned knife making techniques. 

                    While at the “The New England School of MetalWork”. I met Hunter Matthews, another metal worker who became a good friend of mine.  One day, I noticed he was making chain maille, the process of taking small metal rings, and connecting them together using pliers.  He taught me how to do this, I then ordered some books, rings, and pliers, and began to offer chain maille jewelry as well.

                                     Lately I have been forming and welding scrap metal items into monsters.  Some are as small as 6”, and some are as large as 7’3” tall and an 11 ½' wing span.  These have been really exciting me, and I hope to have more to come, maybe even larger.

                                                              Over the years, people have approached me with an idea for a custom piece to honor a lost loved one or pet, custom gates and fences for their property, personalized gifts utilizing a name, and or an image that is important or significant to them, fabrication work, and repair work. If you have an idea, bring it to me, and we will make it a reality.  Your options are endless.

Organizations I have joined:

-Capital District Blacksmith Association  -    -ABANA-    -I Forge Iron-    -Berkshire Blacksmith Association- 

Customer Comments:

...This guy knows what he's doing. He did a great job, and got it done quick. This piece will last for generations. I'm a satisfied customer.-----William C.


...I had a vision in my head, and he brought it to life like magic.  Also the spectacular restoration job he did on my antique farm sickle shows he has a gift.  -----Chef George E Thomas

...I just want to let you know, how very much we love the beautiful memorial, that you made for our beloved "Bailey".  He was a much loved and important part of our lives together, and will never be forgotten.  Now with your beautiful resting place, as part of his legacy, neither will you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.   -----Smitty and Rosemary



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