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Tire Chains Install

tire chains install
    tire chains
  • Snow chains, or tire chains, are devices which are affixed to the tires of vehicles to provide superior traction when driving through snow and ice.
  • (tire chain) chain attached to wheels to increase traction on ice or snow
  • Place (someone) in a new position of authority, esp. with ceremony
  • Place or fix (equipment or machinery) in position ready for use
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tire chains install - Security Chain
Security Chain Company Super Z6, SZ435, Cable Chain for Pickups & SUVs - Set of 2
Security Chain Company Super Z6, SZ435, Cable Chain for Pickups & SUVs - Set of 2
Super Z6 was designed by SCC for cars, trucks, and SUV's with restricted clearance around the drive tires. Based on SCC's experience with other products in the "Z" family, Super Z6 has one very special quality: it will operate in less than half of the space required by most cable chains and tire chains. Super Z6 requires only 6mm (1/4") of sidewall clearance to operate. The diagonal pattern provides constant traction, aggressive starting, stopping, cornering and ensures compatibility on vehicles equipped with traction control and electronically monitored brake systems. Traction coils, made from alloy steel are more durable than conventional tire or cable chains. A split outside cable with two fastening positions allows for easy installation without moving the vehicle, and there's no need to stop and retighten. Most cars, trucks and SUV's manufactured since the late 80's will have special clearance requirements. Don't be fooled by the appearance of the tire positioning on your vehicle. Traction products not only have to fit the tire, but must also fit within the space provided around the tires. Most issues are hidden from view as they are behind the tire near braces, suspension parts, strut housings, splash guards and fuel and brake lines. More information should be located in the owner's manual under chains, traction devices, tires or similar heading. It is important to select a traction product that is compatible with the minimum class assigned to your vehicle. The class assigned to your vehicle is based on the original tire and wheel size shown in your owner's manual. Using a different size tire may affect the chain's ability to operate properly. Some owner's manuals state that certain tire sizes do not provide enough clearnace to accommmodate winter traction products. The fact is, many of these vehicles can use SCC's Super Z6. Trying to measure the nearest obstruction under your vehicle could prove tricky.

The SCC Super Z6 SZ435 winter traction product offers superior performance for pickups and SUVs with very limited operating clearance around the drive tires. Be ready for winter driving with an innovative solution that is a step beyond traditional tire chains.
New Design
Based on the "Z" family of products, the Super Z6 is designed for vehicles with restricted clearance around the drive tires. The Super Z6 requires only 6.33 millimeters (.25 inches) of sidewall clearance to operate, less than half the space required by most cable and tire chains.

The Super Z6 installs quickly and easily. View installation guide.

Be prepared for driving this winter with Super Z6 traction systems.
A diagonal crossmember pattern provides better outstanding traction and durability than conventional chain systems.
Easy to Install
A split outside cable with two fastening positions allows for easy installation without moving the vehicle, so there's no need to stop and retighten. The traction coils are manufactured from alloy steel to increase the lifespan of the product. The Super Z6 is also designed to prevent scratching of alloy or high performance tire rims.
The Super Z6 is available to fit pickups and SUV tire sizes. It offers a unique combination of performance and convenience features for every user, including a "designed-in" rubber tightener, better all-around traction performance than conventional tire chains or cables, and greater durability.
Designed for High Performance
The Super Z6 has better compatibility with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive, and other electronically monitored control systems so as not to interfere with the normal handling characteristics of your vehicle. The unique design also offers a low potential for damage to vehicle body and mechanical components, even when abused.
The Super Z6 SZ435 is designed for tires sizes from approximately 9.50-16.5LT up to 265 millimeters. Check the manufacturer's website for the exact product to fit your tire size. Also check your owner's manual for clearance specifications before installing winter traction products.
What's in the Box
Chains, plastic gloves, one pair of rubber tensioners, durable, re-usable nylon bag, and clear, illustrated step-by-step installation and removal instructions.

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Adding derailleur as chain tensioner
Adding derailleur as chain tensioner
This is one of the simplest methods of providing chain tension on the bottom side of the synchronizing chain. Bike is upside-down here. Tensioner is needed to take up slack if you don't have the special eccentric (tension-adjusting) bottom bracket used for tandems. Note that if the captain stops pedaling while the stoker is still pressing forward, the bottom goes tight and straight, while the top goes slack. If using derailleur jockey wheels for a tensioner, you want the chain run of the tensioned bottom chain to become a nearly straight line where it runs thru the jockey wheels, so as to minimize the stress on the jockey wheels, which are not designed for this much load. This dictates the mounting angle you see above. Note also that the derailleur is mounted upside-down, i.e. between the bottom tube and the pavement. This places the "trailing" jockey wheel "behind" the other, in terms of which direction the chain runs thru them. It also puts the derailleur close to the centerline out of the way of riders' feet, and very conveniently allows you to use the shifting mechanism to align the jockey wheels side-to-side. A tire spoke is a convenient replacement for where the shifting cable was. Remove the snap ring of the mounting bracket and slide that piece out. Optionally, grind the top part of the derailleur to fit prior to brazing. Locate the assembly closer to the rear chainring so that it helps guide the bottom run to the receiving chainring and reduces the chances of the chain coming off in the event of a side-to-side jolt. Credit: Whymcycles (for this and many other ideas)
At Odds
At Odds
Who said that bicycles are supposed to have even number of wheels? Mine don't. Mine have odd number of wheels. At least today. If something of that kind of irregularity is taking place, most likely it is the Diva Bike that is to blame. The other bike, my old one, was very kind to take the Diva's wheel to a bike shop to have it inspected. After getting four flats in two weeks on the front wheel, I decided to get a thicker tire and tube and have the wheel looked at. I didn't find anything in the tire nor the rim. Though, the last flat seemed to be on the inner side. I took the Diva's wheel and rode with it on the old biek to Rapid Transit. Maybe it brings a good luck to have three wheels on a bike. Who knows. Of course, they found two pieces of glass in the tire that I had missed. I bought a thicker tire, had additional layer of tape (fabric?) put on the rim. As for tubes, they didn't have more resistant one so I just had a regular one installed. I'm wondering that maybe the Diva Bike was being a Diva and had chosen to stay at home at the time when I had to ride in the slush of rush-hour traffic in the loop over the past two days. The old bike was doing surprisingly well. I just had to remember not to change gears and not pedal hard. Now I'm laundering my gloves because chain required manual transmission.

tire chains install
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