We experienced different stages in the evolution of our Company in the last decades.

* First known as SOCA in the 50’s, the Company’s activities took place in the agricultural sector.

* Under Les Marbres Waterloo, in the 70’s, the Company specialized in the sale of white stone.

* And since the 90’s, under the name of Agrégats Waterloo, there has been a shift by adding another sector of activity, the pelletinggranular lime and synthetic gypsum.

* Since 2006, our Company works under the name of AWI INC.

…..and our development continues…..

…..and our reputation keeps growing…..

…..thanks to our first criteria…..

                                                          quality and respect for the environment

*For more than 60 years, AWI Inc. has adapted to the demands and peculiarities of the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

Our buildings (silos, warehouses, skips) have made possible the development of our processes and our products, and our team is ready to satisfy our customers.