* Mosaic Portraits

Mosaic Portrait

the app, "Sumo Paint," sumo-paint-air-07-99x100.pngfound in the Chrome Web Store to crop and posterize your photo.



Cropped Photo

Posterized Photo


kris-bryant-portrait 2.jpg


Cropping your Photo:
1. Save your original photo to the download folder so it is easy to find.
2. Open the app listed above and click on, "Open image from computer."
3. Upload your original photo from the download folder.
4. On the left side bar, click the cropping tool crop.pngand drag a box over the image. Once you let go of the mouse, the image is cropped.

Posterizing your Photo:
1. Under the Adjustment tab at the top of the program, select, "Posterize." The default level is 2 and that is perfect for what we need, so just click,"OK."
2. Under the File tab, select, "Save to My Computer," a smaller window pops up, BE SURE to select, "JPG," before you click, "save."
3. Another window pops up, make sure you are saving to your Google Drive so it is easy to share with me.

Sharing your Photo:
1. Before the end of the class period., you need to share your posterized photo with me where I can edit it.

Draw 1" grid and around different values

Draw the contours and start adding values.

Draw patterns with different values to create the Mosaic Portrait