339 Department of Mechanics of Materials

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Fuxa Jan, prof. Ing. CSc.59-732-4412jan.fuxa@vsb.cz
Macura Pavel, prof. Ing. DrSc.59-732-3598pavel.macura@vsb.cz
  • Calculation of fatigue crack depths defining French damage curve by residual fatigue cracks evaluation in broken LCF specimen
  • Displacement measurement by inductive transducers, etc.
  • Extrapolation of low-cycle fatigue results to fatigue limit threshold plastic strain
  • Mathematical and statistical analysis of creep-rupture parameters and mathematical and statistical description of plastic creep deformation growth
  • Measurement of displacements by inductive sensors
  • Measurement of residual stresses by cutting, hole drilling and ultrasonic methods
  • Specimens under multi-axial state of stress testing - formulation and verification strength theories fit for one step loading, fatigue strength theories verification (fit for multi step loading)
  • The elastic-plastic strength theories
  • Torsion test evaluation methodology, constitutive equations expressed from torsion tests
  • Calculations of strain/deformation conditions by MKP employment
  • Creep test assessment by employing parameter methods
  • Expert opinion and consulting activities
  • Investigation for mechanical properties of steel - fatigue (low-cycle, high-cycle), brittle fracture
  • Measurements of strain, stresses, forces, displacements, residual stresses, design of force transducers, optimising of forming processes
  • Testing of mechanical properties of steel - fatigue, low cycle fatigue, high cycle fatigue, brittle fracture
  • Torsion test evaluation
  • Training courses (Fatigue of Materials, Fracture Mechanics, analytical elasticity/strength)


  • Creep
  • Displacement Measurements
  • Elasto-plastic Strength
  • Fatigue
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Material Mechanics
  • Material Properties
  • Steel Properties
  • Testing
  • Torsion