How do I register for HUD?

posted May 17, 2012, 10:45 AM by REMAX PREFERRED

  1. Obtain the broker's NAID # from your manager
  2. You will also need your license information, available from the NJ Real Estate Real Estate Commission website.
  3. Click on the Bidder Registration link in the upper right hand corner of the HUDHomestore.com
    • Enter your registration information
    • In Section 3, choose NAID Type: "Selling Broker" and  Role: "Selling Agent"
    • Enter the broker's NAID.
    • Enter YOUR license number, date, state, and date of expiration.
    • Leave additional NAID's blank.
    • Enter your contact information.
  4. Once your are registered successfully, you will be able to immediately begin placing bids.

How can I get licensed in PA?

posted Dec 8, 2009, 9:21 AM by REMAX PREFERRED   [ updated May 17, 2012, 9:49 AM ]

  1. Check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for $83.00.
  2. Official transcripts evidencing 60 hours (4 credits) of real estate instruction taken within 10 years of the application date.
  3. Original salesperson score report from the testing service evidencing a passing grade on the state portion of the examination within 3 years of the application date. Click here to download the instructions and application for taking the exam.
  4. Original Certificate of Licensure from the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, dated wtihin 90 days of the application date.
  5. Document regarding discipline (if applicable). If your real estate license in another state or other professional license in any state has been the subject of discipline, submit all documentation related to the disciplinary action.
  6. Criminal History Record Information Report (CHRI) completed by the New Jersey State Police and dated within 90 days from the date the application is submitted. The CHRI must state "No Record" or "Record Exists," "Pending" or "Under Review" cannot be submitted. If record exists, you must submit the following:
  • The conviction summary information provided by the State Police 
  • Certified copies of court documents; 
  • Letter from Probation Officer, dated within 90 days, indicating current probationary status/completion date; 
  • Police reports; 
  • Employment History (resume); 
  • Detailed description (in applicant’s words) of the circumstances surrounding the conviction, the basis for the conviction and the disposition of the conviction; 
  • A signed reference letter from the employing broker, on the company letterhead, indicating that the broker is aware of the conviction and is willing to hire the Applicant; 
  • Two signed and dated character references from individuals who are not related to or residing with the Applicant.

Submit all your paperwork and completed application, along with your application fee, to the main office to be signed by the broker and submitted to the Pennsylvania Real Estate Commission on your behalf.


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