- We are students from the Environmental Studies Department at De Anza College, California, USA.


   - Inform, educate, and inspire everyone on how to live sustainably on this Earth for all generations to come.


   - To create an awareness to everyone in the world about sustainability through Agenda 21. Provides news and 

     information that promote environmental sustainability, environmental stewardship, and sound-science. 

 Core Values

   - Sustainability

   - Teamwork

   - Leadership

   - Collaboration

   - Equality

ES 63 A Blueprint for Sustainability:
An overview of Agenda 21, an action plan to implement the principles and agreements of the Rio de Janeiro Summit in 1992, the largest-ever meeting of 179 nations. Examines the seven central themes of Agenda 21 to ensure that all people benefit by the implementation of it regardless of race, ethnicity or socioeconomic status.