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A Great Way to Earn a Few Extra $$$$$ For Your Odds and Ends

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How It Works

Did you enjoy this eBook (or like the sound of it) and would like to refer it to a friend? 

Well you can. But in order for it to be worth your while, you might want to sign up for my affiliate program, get your own unique referral link and then use it on your website, in your email or newsletter. 

Q: Why?

A: You sure do ask a lot of questions don't you?  LOL.  Seriously, though-- that's a good thing in my book because you can't be too careful these days.

The reasoning is that every sale generated by your referral link, earns you a commission of $2.25.

Q: How did I arrive at that figure?

A: I figure that without you that sale wouldn't happen so I believe it is only fair to go 50-50 on the deal.  So after subtracting PayPal's fee I divide the balance by two and we both walk away happy.

Q: Aside from the possibility of earning a few extra dollars, why would you  exert yourself to refer the work of a relatively unheard of author's book to your family, friends or acquaintances?

A: Well, I've heard that the book is a good, quick read.  However, beyond the obvious pride of accomplishment, the all too realistic need to make the time and money invested in the creation of the book justify themselves--there's a pressing urge to have the book reach as many women (and men) as possible.  I believe my testimony says it best.

Q: How do you get paid?

A: I'm still new to this, but according to what I've read when I set this up, Paypal will send me weekly reports on my affiliates so that I'll know how much to pay out.  I would do it bi-weekly, but I don't want to start anyting that I wouldn't be able to keep up.  I'd rather start it monthly and pay out on the first of each month. If the task is not too time consuming then I'll up the frequency.

So there you have it.  Not a shabby way of saying thanks is it?  I thought you might like that. So take a moment to obtain your link and let the sales begin!

For any further inquiries feel free to contact me.

Here's to our working together.




Affiliate Program

  • Did you enjoy this book? 

    Would you like to refer it to a friend? 
  • Would you like to earn a few extra dollars for that referral? 

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