Cool Toys For Girls 2011

cool toys for girls 2011
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  • 2011 (MMXI) will be a common year starting on a Saturday. In the Gregorian calendar, it will be the 2011th year of the Common Era, or of Anno Domini; the 11th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 2nd of the 2010s decade.

Tag Game: Me & My Bratz Story
Tag Game: Me & My Bratz Story
Use your own Photo and Tell us your story since the start you liked Bratz or a story between you and Bratz! Here's mine: I started liking Bratz since it came here in the Philippines. I think I was 17 when I first saw Bratz. I love how they look, and their outfits amazed me, they were fashionable and trendy! I dont have plans to have one, I just adore them. I cant buy it that time coz I dont have money, and Im a boy so my Parents will get mad if they saw their son having a doll! I have cousin, she was 7 at that time, a spoiled girl, i liked her being spoiled by her mom, coz she likes having Bratz. Her mom gave me money to buy her A Bratz doll in mall here, she wants me to join my cousin to buy a bratz doll. Me and my cousin went to the mall right away. In mall, we went straight to the toy department, Im amazed coz thats the first time I saw bratz, Different lines, Bratz Cars, Bratz packs etc. I fell inlove! Haha! Until my cousin grabbed a doll, and its Meygan! The one wit brown furry jacket and Dark green dress. My cousin wants that Meygan but I was pointing to Jade coz shes more funky, i dont remember what line is it. I just love the colors of her dress and her black hair. But she really wants Meygan! I remember before that she really loves Geri Halliwell aka Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls thats why she wants Meygan coz both of them had Ginger Hair, high boots and dress. So I paid it and go home straight. That spoiled things happened more often until she had 10 bratz already. Im always with her when she is buying Bratz. I cant remember what lines that we bought. Too bad coz right now all those dolls and accessories are missing. Her mom put it in a black bag and hide it, she cant remember where she put that dolls and accessories coz our house was renovated back then. Wish me luck coz im seeking for it. By the way, she kept those dolls when my cousin turned 11. As time goes by, I saw different lines, they are gorgeous, then I saw Boyz, i want to have one when i was 20 but I cant afford it since I am studying at that time, Im a Nursing Student. What makes me happy that time is by going to mall, seeking for Bratz and Bratz Boyz in toy store, checking them one by one, and thats it! Im not able ot buy it. I was very sad when I heard the news that Bratz will discontinue. Im still happy coz even they are gone, I still saw Bratz in malls here. But too think at that time, this would be the last time i will ever see it in toy stores, when someone buys it, its gone. I really want to have one Boyz at that time. I was busy in my Practicum, studies and duties in hospital when I was 22 years old. I forget about bratz, I moved on. 2010 came, i was browsing on the net and I find out that Bratz are coming back. Im not that too excited but i was happy they won against mattel! At that time I dont any plans to have a doll. June 2011, I was on, looking for an ipad, then suddenly I tried typing Bratz on the search bar, many bratz are available, most of it are accessories. Then I saw Bratz Boyz, there are lots of Boyz on at that time, I really like Eitan with Pierce on his ear, I find out that he is from Rock Angelz. The seller has a promo, I can get 2 Eitan dolls and a Cappuccino Cool Bratz pack for only 13 dollars. I buy it right away! The package arrived, and i was impressed! My very first Bratz doll! Now, I have 10 dolls already, and still counting. I really love Bratz! Tell us your story!
This is wally. I had no solid idea tonight as usual so i thought i'd try and introduce you to little cleo. Unfortunately a big camera, speedlight and a tripod scared her from participating. This brought me to waking the half asleep wally so he could participate. He had no choice though really. At the moment i have this love for eyes. That can be seen lastnight in my pantry picture. Tonight i thought i'd try that again, but with a dog. What can i say about this fella ? Well, he is coming up to about 4 years old now. I know that because 2011 is a rugby world cup year. The morning of the 2007 rugby world cup final where south africa defeated england in a boring penalty based game my dog of i think it was 11 years honey was run over. The night before she had escaped our backyard some how and the call was made as i was falling asleep after the game. All i heard was the phone ring, my mother crying and then everything went down hill. I woke that day not knowing how to feel. I may have only been 15 but I had this massive feeling of guilt that i didn't cry enough or think about it enough. Maybe i saw it coming or maybe i didn't want to think about it. So on that day i ordered that we get a new dog asap. A few days later there were discussions on what to call this little white puppy.. finally resulting in wally, rhyming with oly... which is annoying at times. Wally is scared shitless of fans and heaters.. he runs to another room when they are on. He always walks up to you at inconvenient times with a toy or a rag that he wants you to pull while he plays tug-a-war with you. When your sleeping he jumps on you and lays on you. He cries when the other dogs are getting washed. And he almost always puts his nose up a girls skirt/dress when they come into the house. Cool dog i reckon . In other non dog related news.. i printed my first b/w film today :) the proof sheets turned out awesome. The picture i chose to print was a bit washed out and grey but that will be practiced this week. I originally had much more to say tonight, but i am over it . goodnight

cool toys for girls 2011
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