Best Toys For Two Year Old Boys

best toys for two year old boys
    two year
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    old boys
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Running from the Alien!
Running from the Alien!
Prepare Yourself for a 'long story. No, that is not the truth about me. I wrote this for English class. Year 2269 Okay, before I start let me get one thing straight: I am a sixteen year-old American who was abandoned in a Space Station wreck. I was found before the ship blew up and taken to New York City. Where I was born. But the aliens found me. They took my savior hostage because he refused to tell them where I was. My parents caused a lot of trouble for them and so they wanted revenge. But then they came back a few years later and two of them left the ship for a walk. They could speak English. One of them said that they still had a few OLD prisoners, but they planned to kill them. I thought that that meant my savior was still alive, so I grabbed my gun and ran at them. They had no idea what hit them. I ran to their ship after I disposed of them. There were two aliens with spears and Holo-shields. They were guarding the prisoners was my first guess. But then I heard a weird noise. Like clicking, scratching, and shrieking. Then I made a second guess. The General’s dining room. So I shot the two aliens, walked inside, and “played” with everyone for a bit. Then I used their vibro-glaive (The Chef’s), and cut some robe from the corner of the room so that I could tie everyone up. When I was done I heard a rasping sound. I looked to the door only to see an alien with his gun to me. “Put *click* Your *click shriek* Gun on the *COUGH, RASP* Floor!” He/ she/ it said. I pocketed the vibro-glaive when nobody was looking, and hid my dad’s special small gun that he gave me. I handed over my plasma rifle. The alien walked me down the hall and took me to a brick room with wooden doors. “Idiots.” I thought. Then I saw what was inside. Ten children were all chained up in the back of the room. The alien threw me towards them and chained me up, too. Then he left without so much as a grunt and a rasp. “So, what are you in for?” asked a tall dark haired boy in rags. “My parents…well, they…um…Kinda terrorized aliens.” I thought that that would make everyone give me dirty looks, but I was wrong. Instead, they cheered! “We got ourselves another good one guys!” said a boy that had curly black hair that was sitting next to some girl. I guessed it was his sister. “Well, if you guys like that, you are gonna love this!” I said as I pulled out my vibro-glaive and cut their chains. “Well, ain’t you got some fancy little toys.” said a girl that was sitting next to the dark haired boy in rags. “That isn’t even close to the best part. Check this out.” I said as I pulled out my dad’s small gun. There were millions of “Ooooh!s and “Aaaaahhhh!”s. “So,” I said, “Who is ready for a jailbreak?” I asked. “We can get all of us some guns if you go to the armory.” said the dark haired boy in rags. “My name is Slash by the way.” He said sticking out a hand. I shook his hand. “Cool. Mine is…. Well, you can just call me X. Now, where is that armory?” “Next door.” Said the youngest kid there. Everyone looked at her. “That is the first time you ever talked since you got tossed in here by the general!” Shouted a boy that must have been her twin. Or her older but very short brother. “That is stupid. Not about her not talking by the way, the armory’s location.” I specified. I pulled out my vibro-glaive and gun. “That is an SMG.” said Slash. I nodded and thanked him as we walked towards the door. The others all made it look like they were still tied up. They were REALLY good at it. Slash and I each stood on one side of the door. I looked at Slash and he nodded. I kicked open the door and smacked the guard in-between the shoulder blades with the butt of my gun. He fell to the ground unconscious. Slash and I walked next door and I used the vibro-glaive to cut open the door. We walked inside and we grabbed as many guns as we could carry. We made sure to grab lots of small ones since there were way more little kids than big kids/ teens. We walked outside only to meet the General. Slash picked up a gun and held it to his arm. “Poison dart. Kills you in seconds. Back off.” The General obeyed. The General was scaly, green, and tall. But not as tall as Slash. Slash looked about thirteen. I was eleven at the time. We walked into the room with our friends, but not before Slash blasted the General sleep darts. “That was sooooo cool!” said one of the youngest kids there. We handed out guns for what seemed like maybe ten or so minutes (one kid kept opening the ammo slot on the side of his pistol). We all then walked out of the room. Then slash and the girl that sat next to him said, “We will take this ship back to my parent’s base. You guys go ahead and leave. X will be a great leader for you guys. Just don’t be afraid to kill a few aliens on your way out.” He said holding up a pathetic pistol that was broken and permanently set on “stun” mode. “We would be honored to.” I said. Slash smiled and stuck out his hand. I shook it. We left for the exit. We (the re
Hi, my name is Laila, or Little Miss Laila as my Foster Mom calls me. I am two years old and I have lots of wonderful energy and enthusiasm for life! I'm hoping to find a new foster or forever home where I don't need to be in my crate for long hours. I am good in my crate for about 6 hours as long as I can see outside and see my fur foster brother also. I also love the toys that treats fall out of when I play with them in my crate, it makes it much more fun to be in there. I have lots of energy and love to run and play. I need a lot of play time and running, to help wear me out. Then my crate is not so bad any more. I really need a home where someone will exercise me regularly and would love to have someone who would take me running every day. I was also told I may be good at Agility, but have not tried it yet. I walk with a Gentle Leader now and my foster mom says I am better than my foster brother. II am still working on my manners with other dogs. I don't always like to share, but am getting much better. Also, like many boxer girls, I'd really rather have a fur brother than a fur sister. In my foster home, I live with a boy Boxer. We get along 99.9% of the time, but I need him to know that I am top dog in the house. I would prefer to go to a home with a large male dog. I love to play, wrestle and "box". Cats and small dogs aren't any good at boxing, and don't like my high energy, so I'd rather avoid them. However, I know I can learn to be a one dog house too if you give me the chance:) I may look a little on the thin side, but let me say I am a strong girl with lots of muscle. I do need a family who will be my pack leader, because if you don’t, I will step up and take on the roll even though it is not my place and then no one is happy. My foster mom has been a great pack leader and showing me my place in the home. I love to cuddle and give kisses. If you let me, I will curl up next to you on the couch, or if you want at your feet. Oh, a couple more things... I had an injury to my mouth, and that's why my tongue hangs out the side. Some of my pictures show me wearing my "gentle leader harness". It's not a muzzle, silly! It makes it so I don't pull when I walk on a leash. And, the only reason I need a new foster home, is because my mom is going to be traveling for work this summer, and MNBR doesn't want me bounced from place to place while she's gone. Laila’s foster mom here. I've been involved with Laila for the past couple months. She is a sweet girl but needs lots of rules to be enforced so she doesn’t think she is the pack leader. She needs structure, leadership and guidance in her life. She would do best in a family with older kids, so they too can be a pack leader. If she would be in a home that does not have another dog, someone would need to be home most of the day or be able to give her a break after about 5-6 hours. In a family with another dog, it will take careful introduction and monitoring of the two dogs together. We have had a Behaviorist evaluate her and she needs a family that will be committed to taking her to Obedience Training and being a strong leader as she can be dog aggressive (generally with female dogs) and needs to learn her place in the world. She has made tremendous progress, and with a proper pack leader, she will continue to grow and learn. Laila is very eager to learn and will do about anything for a treat. She has been going to daycare a couple times a week. Everyone on the staff has has fallen in love with her! They think she is the sweetest and cutest little girl ever. If you can be the leader she needs, give her love and guidance, please let us know. Laila's adoption fee is $400.00

best toys for two year old boys
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