We are raising funds to travel to Arizona and then Florida.

This will also be an educational experience for the kids, each child will learn about volunteering and giving back to others in need.

$. 25.00 ___$. 50.00___$ 100.00___ $ 250___ The Funds will pay for Hotel, food and entertainment.

Dear Mr. Halton c/o AGB Sports Foundation,

Thank you so much for the school supplies that you donated to my first grade class at West Vernon Ave Elementary School. The students really appreciated the items and are still using them at home and in the classroom.

You expressed an interest in providing for the needs of more students at my school and we have the perfect opportunity for AGB Sports to further support West Vernon. As you know the Space Shuttle Endeavor is now at the California Science Center which is within walking distance of our school.

Tickets are limited, but we have an opportunity for seven classrooms to visit before the end of the school year. We are humbly requesting that AGB Sports sponsor seven classrooms for this exciting trip.

There are 25 students in each classroom and the price is $5 per student. Because we are located in an impoverished neighborhood, we do not like to burden the parents with additional fees for trips, etc.

We would be very thankful if AGB Sports could donate a total of $1500 which would allow 300 students to have the experience of a lifetime.

Thank you for your consideration,

Tracie Bullard
National Board Certified Teacher
West Vernon Ave Elementary School
Los Angeles, CA

A.G.B. Sports Foundation’s mission is to engage parents and children ages 6-14 to focus on three of the following five sports Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer or Track before high school.

A.G.B Sports Foundation focuses on providing diversified athletic programs that give our youth opportunities to achieve education and personal development that will increase their chance of earning an athletic or academic scholarship.

Many of the participants are from Low Income Families and do not have many opportunities for this kind of travel. This trip will be valuable in terms of athletics and education.

A seminar is scheduled for July 20th., 2013 where the participants will hear from, and have a chance to interact with, a local sports trainer and network sports reporter who will speak to the kids about their careers and the opportunities made available to them through sports.

There are 28 athletes in need of sponsorship. Your donation will be used to provide Hotel Accommodations, Food, and Entertainment for this event.

Sponsor Benefits:
  • Reference in all promotional materials
  • Opportunity to include branded item in player gift bags
  • Sponsor recognition plaque
Donation Suggestions:
  • __ $120 Fully fund 1 athlete
  • __ $40
Pledge of Support
  • Extended right to retain sponsorship on a 1-year continuum, specify)$____
*A.G.B. Sports Foundation is a non-profit organization 501c*

Buford Halton c/o
AGB Sports Foundation
4221 Bonita Rd.
Suite 8 Bonita, CA 91902
Phone 619-715-9693

6 Benefits of Playing
Team Sports

by Michedolene Hogan

You’ve no doubt heard about our nationwide obesity problem. Childhood rates have skyrocketed in the last few decades. It’s no wonder, really. Kids just don’t get out and play like they used to. If we don’t figure this problem out and find a solution, these overweight kids are going to grow up to be overweight adults. And that means heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other health issues.

An old Danish proverb states that, “fresh air impoverishes the doctor.” The problem is that there are so many indoor entertainments competing for our children’s attention. Video games and television are just the tip of the iceberg. As they get a little older, they quickly add social networking and texting to the mix. While eliminating these diversions completely is probably just a pipedream, there are good reasons to limit their use and counter their influence. But how?

Getting your child involved in team sports can help.

6 Benefits of Playing Team Sports

  1. Exercise – This is the most obvious one. Team sports require practice and  game play. The kids are out there moving, instead of sitting in the house. Some games involve more running than others, but they all     require some level of physical activity.
  2. Social Interaction – Kids spend time developing relationships with their teammates  and coaches. They learn to work together, have fun, and achieve a common goal at the same time. Also, many great friendships are formed on the playing field.
  3. Keeping Busy – How many times have you heard “I’m bored” from your kids?  Team sports give them something positive to do. Not only during scheduled events like practices and games, but also practicing at home. Once your kids are in sports, your answer to “I’m bored” can be, “you could practice.” Keeping busy also helps kids stay  out of trouble. Busy kids don’t have time to fill with, shall we say, less than     productive endeavors.
  4. Academics – Studies show that kids who play sports do better in school than  others. They learn to manage their time, and they develop goal-oriented thinking. They learn that if they work hard, they can achieve. And they apply this to all areas of their life.
  5. Self-Esteem – Kids who play sports receive encouragement and praise for their  efforts. They learn that if they strive for improvement, they can achieve it. This can have a powerful and positive effect on their level of confidence in sports and life in general.
  6. Love of the Game  – When kids grow up playing a sport, they develop an attitude  toward health and fitness that carries over into adulthood. It forms the basis for living an active lifestyle in the future. Some kids also become avid fans of the sport, and that passion often lasts a lifetime.

Article by Michedolene Hogan

Michedolene Hogan, publisher of TheAllergySpot.com, lives in a quiet rural neighborhood of NC. She and her four children enjoy the quiet atmosphere after years of living in Southern CA cities. On two acres of land she has found the perfect atmosphere for working as a freelance writer covering a wide range of topics. She prefers writing about alternative allergy solutions but enjoys dabbling in other topics as well. In her spare time she and her family enjoy working with rescued dogs from high kill shelters around NC that need a little special TLC to re-learn how to be part of a family.

Michedolene has written 17 articles for ComLuv.com 
I normally write at http://www.theallergyspot.com

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It IS More Than Health For
Programs Like A.G.B Sports

Making a Difference Feels Good!

Parents know that sports make for fit, healthy kids, but what else do kids get from sports? Is it all positive or are there negative influences as well?

 We interview three experts - a coach, an academic, and a teacher - to find out just what kids learn from sports, and what the role of parents should be in their children's' sporting lives.

A new study shows that many lonely kids are not involved in athletic activities or shun sports altogether. Katie Couric comments. (CBSNews.com)

A.G.B Sports Foundation emphasizes the importance of education, goal setting, and overcoming challenges. A.G.B Sports Foundation will strive to develop diversified athletic programs that give our youth opportunities to achieve education and personal development that will increase their chance in earning an athletic or academic scholarship. The children will have the opportunity to attend local sports camps.