Agawam Friends of Homeless Cats
Kathy Shepard

Agawam Friends of Homeless Cats is a nonprofit organization that cares for both indoor and outdoor cats and kittens. (We are not affiliated with the group at Dave’s Soda and Pet City.) Our volunteers visit over twenty-four sites several times a week, bringing water and food to lost, abandoned, or feral felines in the area.

We humanely trap cats and participate with spay-neuter programs, and whenever we can, we place the cats in good homes. Some of the cats are not adoptable, mostly due to their fear of people. We attempt socialization but in some cases the cats are released to their original colonies and we continue to bring food and water, and whenever possible, little shelter houses. Sometimes we are required to quarantine a cat if there is a wound of unknown origin.

With over a dozen cats living at our shelter, and the several dozen outdoor cats that we feed on a continuing basis, we would like to ask for some financial help. As a nonprofit 501© 3 organization, we have a federal identification number and are registered with and in compliance with the Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources under the name Immunoasis, Inc, d/b/a Agawam Friends of Homeless Cats.

I enclose a copy of an article about one of our fund-raising events that was held due to the courtesy of Agawam Senior Center. Although the event was pleasant, we need more financial support. We also have a cat food drive at Pet Supplies Plus in West Springfield on the first Saturday of each month and will soon start up with adoptions. These cat food drives are helpful but there is great demand, due to cats being abandoned when people move and because poverty or lack of commitment have allowed cat over-population without proper follow up care. There are sad situations for many of these felines. Probably the most pathetic are the mother cats trying to protect and feed their kittens with no food supply for themselves. They can’t even hunt for food without leaving their kittens unprotected.

Kathy Shepard, President,
Agawam Friends of Homeless Cats